German Company Creates Elevators That Travel Sideways

One German company has carted elevators that do something a little different — they go sideways. The invention of steel and engineering company ThyssenKrupp, the elevators are powered a little differently than their up and down counterparts. Rather than using ropes or cables to move the elevators around, these use a new technology called Multi, that work using magnetic levitation.

Magnetic levitation is the same stuff that’s used to make the world’s fastest trains float above the tracks. In this case, elevators will move a bit faster, although they won’t get anywhere near the typical speed of a train. Elevators will also travel in a figure 8 of sorts through a building. That means you can have multiple elevators operating on the same set of “tracks” and have elevators that move sideways as well as up and down. Flavio Maluf is excited about the how this unique concept will impact the future of architectural design b7 offering a total new perspective and a completely new set of possibilities.

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