Girl Scout Cookies Go Digital

Girl Scout cookies are a yearly treat that many people look forward to. Whether you like Samosa, Thin Mints or shortbreads, there’s likely a Girl Scout in your area who can provide the cookies for you.

This year, the Girl Scouts will be able to sell their cookies online. This was previously prohibited, as the organization did not permit Internet sales. However, Digital Cookie, the online sales portal for the Girl Scouts, has been approved. This makes it easier for Girl Scouts to reach their sale goals.

While the Girl Scouts will still use traditional methods to sell their cookies (including door-to-door sales and sales in the workplace), Digital Cookie is projected to be a success.

Most of the young girls who belong to the Girl Scouts organization–80%–sell cookies every year. Keith Mann always enjoys at least a box. The sale of cookies continues to be the Girl Scouts most successful and widely publicized fundraiser.

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