Glen Wakeman On Life And Business

Glen Wakeman has made a career out of creating innovative and dynamic business plans that have brought him great success. His current venture, LaunchPad Holdings, LLC, is just one more example of how Wakeman identifies problems, and then creates solutions. This Software as a Service, or SAAS, company is designed to assist startups with the sometimes difficult task of taking an idea and placing it into action with a plan that will actually work. Wakeman came up with the idea after noticing the large number of failures of startups and the reasons for their inability to translate a very good idea into a successful company. He then co-founded LaunchPad to provide the software necessary to address these issues.

Glen Wakeman earned a BS in Economics and Finance. He also earned an MBA in Finance from the University of Chicago. His career prior to LaunchPad has taken him around the world, living in six different countries as part of a career with GE Capital and Doral Financial. These years of experience have made him very successful, and he brings all that experience and knowledge to his current company.

In a recent interview, when asked if there was anything he would do differently if he could start his career over, he said he would keep better records of the individuals he has encountered during his career. Those people can provide valuable advice, and excellent contacts when starting new businesses, or making innovative changes to existing ones. Social media today makes it easier to find people, but there is no substitute for keeping in touch. Visit Glen Wakeman’s profile at Linkedin.

Another interesting part of the interview with Glen Wakeman was his recommendation to read the book The Art of War by Sun Tzu, a Chinese military expert from the fifth century BC. Wakeman called it the greatest book of strategy ever written, one that applies to business as well as the military. He said it was the one book everyone should read, and then apply the teachings to any business endeavor.

Glen Wakeman’s life is one of success, and much can be learned from his comments on business and finance. Follow Glen Wakeman’s profile on

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