Has the Satellite Killer Emerged?

Object 2014-28E has been launched into space and not everyone believes this object of Russian origin is strictly for non-military use. In fact, many believe that the object truly is the nefarious “satellite killer” that was scrapped some time ago.

As the name suggests, a satellite killer is a military device designed for the purpose of destroying other satellites. Nations may use satellites for weapons, communications, and tracking purposes among other uses. As such, they remain very strategic targets for militaries looking to launch defensive or first strike attacks.

No one has been able to confirm whether or not the recent object launched by Russia is the satellite killer, but speculation exists.

Considering Russia’s recent excursions into the Ukraine, it is understandable why some are very nervous about the launch.

The fear so many have is that a new weapons race could start or that a new cold war could emerge. Time will tell if this is the case, although many indications are a new cold war is becoming unavoidable.

One thought on “Has the Satellite Killer Emerged?”

  1. The mysterious satellite could have benign purposes such as being able to collect and destroy old and useless satellites and the like. Both Bruce Levenson and I agree it’s possible. I would also buy an essay paper and it is even truthful that Bruce Levenson cannot understand everything they’d want.

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