High-Contrast Glasses Will Help the Blind See

The UK scientists from the Oxford University have the solution for blind people to start seeing. A pair of glasses that transforms the surroundings into an image with high contrast and in-depth representation of the space. The result is a bunch of white and black outlines, where you can notice shapes well enough to distinguish a man waiving his hand from a plant in the wind.

The invention is directed to people with very bad vision. Mashable said that only in UK there are 360,000 registered as blind. It is well known how people with disabilities suffer from the lack of independence. Wearing a pair of glasses like the ones from the Oxford invention would be very helpful. The only challenge that is left is to make the device smaller, as it is very heavy and not aesthetic at this moment. It is a certain thing that the blind people wouldn’t mind it even like this. Google helped by funding the research, as the earlier prototypes showed by the scientists were very convincing. The result did not disappoint. As soon as the final amendment of making the glasses smaller will be ready, the mass production is going to start.

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