Highly Trained Professionals

Technology is a constantly dynamic field of study and requires well trained and competent individuals who can cater to the diversified needs of particular clients. Securus Technologies is a company that heavily supports a niche group of customers, particularly those that are currently serving time within the United States penal system. It is because of this specialization that Securus needs, above other companies within the same field, to promote and encourage additional training for field technicians beyond the normal scope. Recently Securus released interesting information that eleven of their field technicians were able to successfully complete the BICSI Installer 1 certification, making them some of the highest trained professionals in the business.


The BICSI certification focuses on a host of differential skill sets such as video, audio, security and impressively, project management. These abilities successfully move Securus field technicians who underwent the program into their own unique class, where their skills are highly regarded and sought after. This is important especially when considering the levels of security and customer service these professionals need to meet, with the vast number of Securus clients being incarcerated individuals located in often dangerous and understaffed locations across the country.


Securus provides excellent communication products to their customers, giving them such convenient software packages as a downloadable application for Apple and Android devices that allows inmates to effectively communicate with their loved ones for either no charge at all or minimum calling fees depending on where they are located. Products such as this require constant feedback and service from staff and this means that not only does it require skill but also the ability to empathize with customers on a personal level. Field technicians certified with BICSI Installer 1 focus mainly on technical aims but are also customer driven; a main implement to Securus.


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