How a Richard Mishaan Design Blends Comfort with Artistic Appeal

The design of any interior is meant to make those who dwell within it feel comfortable. While this is a basic premise, a Richard Mishaan design goes above and beyond the basic comfort level. The interior designs Mr. Mishaan creates are often described as awe-inspiring and transformative. He is known for blending furniture and décor from various periods into one eye-captivating eclectic collection. A Richard Mishaan design could be found in everything from the interiors of luxury homes to the inside spaces of hotels and resorts. He has also helped improve the interior appearance of dwellings in countries such as the Dominica Republic and Columbia.

Each Richard Mishaan design is a reflection of the designer’s ability to create interiors that blend comfort and artistic expression with the personalities or themes of those who live or work in them. Part of Mr. Mishaan’s artistic abilities could be due to the fact that he was born and raised in Columbia with some time spent in Italy. Even in his early childhood years, he exhibited a high level of passion for creative expression. The business aspect of a Richard Mishaan design comes in part from his educational background, which includes his attendance at the Columbia School of Architecture and the New York University, from which he obtained his Bachelor’s degree.

The philosophy behind the interiors Mr. Mishaan creates is fueled by his belief that good design should be more than just expensive. A true Richard Mishaan design is meant to inspire and perhaps transform the people who experience it. He is known for optimizing space through the use of color as well as with imaginative creations such as floating beds. Mr. Mishaan currently operates a furniture store in the artistic community of Greenwich Village, where he sells pieces from both vintage and contemporary lines.

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