How Do You Write Ethically For Wikipedia?

You may not think of Wikipedia editing in terms of ethics, but you must remember that they run the world’s largest encyclopedia. Every article has to meet these guidelines so that Wikipedia can post it to their site. They want to have nothing but a large stream of information, but there is nothing that they can do if improper articles are published. You are the barrier that Wikipedia needs to make sure only proper articles are published, and you should follow these guidelines to make life easier for everybody.

Just The Facts, Please

The majority of people think that Wikipedia articles can have anything they like. However, a Wikipedia article must read like a newspaper article or term paper. These articles need to have only factual information. This factual information should be verified, and you need to be sure you can list the sources you used for the verification. This is going to create a resource list at the end of the article that people can use to do further research.

I know this all sounds overwhelming, and it is. For those of us without the time to learn this all, and a little money to throw around, there are other options out there. One is GetYourWiki, a company that creates Wikipedia entries professionally for people and companies who pass the notability guidelines. If you aren’t notable, you won’t be able to get on.

Credit The Photos

You want to make sure that the photos on the site are credited properly. Most people are going to notice that the photos look like they came from a newspaper, and this is to make sure that the articles look legitimate. Without the proper credits, the photos are not ethical. Also, the royalties on the photos need to be verified so that they can be used ethically.

When you follow these two guidelines, you are going to have a resource list at the end of the article, links within the article and photos that are properly credited. These articles are going to offer the most information to the reader, and they are going to be safe for Wikipedia to publish after they have been properly edited.

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