How Image Recognition Technology Can Change Mobile Commerce

Everyday tons of new mobile software, apps and technology are created. Such an abundance of them that the normal person can’t keep tabs on what’s new and coming. Some of these technologies help us out a little and then there are those that can change our world greatly. One if doing just that, or at least or “Mobile World”. That is Image Recognition Technology, and it may just push mobile commerce to a new height. Shopping and similar habits will be so much more personal with this growing technology.

Image Recognition Technology involves a program that is able to recognize people, objects, places and logos. It is an artificial technology. It learns what consumers want by previous experiences and helps make shopping more accessible. The main thing that has companies excited is, consumers will be able to snap a pic of something on the street and purchase it in a few simple steps. This would alter the very way people make purchases and help make those decisions easier.

Visual search by Slyce are creating these programs for fashion industries and major retailers worldwide. Slyce offers a variety of services for a companies advertising and visual needs. They have the Snap to Buy software that you can customize for your business, along with a few key others. One of the newest is Tag and Display for social campaigns. Wouldn’t it be amazing with how popular social networking is if #hastags really connected the companies with their consumers? Well this software makes that possible.

There is a mobile revolution taking place with Image Recognition Technology being a powerful driving force. This is just the beginning of what companies will be able utilize the new technology for. Making shopping an easier and more personalized experience will make people no longer dread, but enjoy shopping. What people enjoy they tend to do more of, so the positive effects are endless. These days photos can do more than just hold memories, they can help create them as well.

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