I Used Skout To Find Friends In An Area I’m Moving To

I have a problem trusting the people around me, especially the people that live in my neighborhood. I live in a small community in New York, and I do see a lot of crime happening around me. Since I was afraid of the place that I lived, I would only go to work and come home. I was saving up money to move to another area where I would feel safe. In the meantime, I wanted to find friends elsewhere, so I could get away from my everyday life. I started looking towards social media networks for comfort.

My favorite social media network is Skout, and I’ve been on the network for over a year. I never used to use the network so much, but now that I’m always alone, I use the network every day. During the last month, my best friend moved away. I understand why my friend left, and I can’t wait to leave this area also. I started searching Skout to see if I could find friends in another state. My plan was to move to Maryland because I have family there. I only had a few more months before I would have enough money to move.

Although I have family in Maryland, I wanted friends as well. I did a search on Skout for the area in Maryland I was moving to. I was able to find 10 people that interested me. The 10 people I found on the network were a mixture of women and men. I figured I could find someone to hang out with as well as someone to be a close friend. I took time to get to know these people by sharing some intimate information with them. It turns out that at least two of the persons used to live in New York.

I had some things in common with a few of the people, including the loss of a loved one. After speaking with these people through the Skout network, we all decided that we meet soon. One person was coming to my area, so we set up a meeting. The person and I went out to the movies as that’s the only place I’ll go in my area. After I got to know this person, we talked daily on Skout. I’m excited about moving to Maryland, and I’m glad I use Skout to find friends. Skout is a great place to meet new people. More information about Skout on their Twitter page.

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