If You’re Aiming for Success, Work Like Louis Chenevert

If you find the life story of Louis Chenevert and see his growth on the ladder of success, you will agree that education is the best investment you can make in life. With a degree in production management, Louis Chenevert is a man who worked in several companies. As CEO and president of UTC, he also worked as a Gm. In General Motors

This Franco-Canadian was born for a long time at General Motors. After more than two decades, he moved to Pratt & Whitney. For those who have this division, this is the division of United Technologies. He worked there for about six years, and by the end of this sixth year, he was appointed the president of Pratt & Whitney. This was in 1999. Pratt & Whitney was his first workplace before moving to UTC, where he worked as the best president and general manager. Read more about Louis at crunchbase.com.

During his stay at UTC, success was the only one that followed him. He had an impressive achievement, which was nowhere in the company. He is the single CEO who managed a conglomerate worth about $ 100 billion. This is an achievement that many people will have in their working lives, but Chenevert did it only after one year. At that time, he started to focus on the process of acquiring Goodrich. The agreement was reached for 18.4 billion dollars. The USA, and in less than a year, an agreement was reached to buy Goodrich.

Louis Chenevert is a hard-working person who can be imitated by many. His good work is always printed on his face and whatever thing he did. He knows all the tricks of investing and the advantages of saving for the future.

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Education is also another thing that Louis Chenevert liked much. He knew that all employees should be educated. From that, the company will gain from the same effort they have put in that field. He advises that any success of the company should come from within the company itself.

Because of his passion, Louis Chenevert still works with Goldman Sachs even after retirement. In Goldman Sachs, Louis Chenevert functions as an exclusive advisor to Goldman Sachs. Your primary job here is to find and identify the best gaps in the development and development of the market and fill them.

Louis Chenevert knew everything concerning business. He knew what technology can do to a company and what it cannot. He knew the advantages of the same technology and the disadvantages of using that same technology. at some occasion, he stated that employees should use the current technology to educate themselves and the companies pay for their workers. If most corporations apply the trick of training employees, success will be seen in all fields.

If he continued to work for a long time in Goldman Sachs, Goldman Sachs would also achieve what is similar to what is produced while working in UTC. If you look at UTC today, you will still see the corporate identity created by Chenevert. That’s why the company continues to thrive and dominate the market. Read more at Reporter Expert.

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