Igor Cornelsen’s Career as an Investment Banker

Igor Cornelsen is a successful investment banker from Brazil. With the many year’s experiences in the industry, the guy understands the sector quite well. During his career, he oversaw some of the largest financial institutions in the world.


According to him, the secret to making in investment is having a deep understanding of the market; knowing the bare-bones and the basics. He prefers buying cheap stocks that guarantee profit in the long run.


Many investors attribute their success to Igor. He helped them build a successful investment portfolio by avoiding damaged companies. In addition to this, he created a short and brief profile for busy investors to go through before deciding to invest in Brazilian stocks.


Currently, Igor is a proprietor at Bainbridge Group Inc, an agency known for its expert insights in investments. He also does consultancy services for some banks and investment entities. Igor has held many leading positions in Brazil’s biggest banks before finally retiring in 2010.




Igor Cornelsen’s Thoughts on Finances

The Brazilian private sector banking industry is changing. Only the most creditworthy borrowers are getting loans. A decision the banks say has helped them streamline costs and give them a sense of security.


So, what happens to the less credit worthy people? They are left to fight in government banks or cash-based spending. Their last and worst alternative is to forego their business plans altogether, a move that would challenge the micro-economy and overall development of the country. Igor advises the Brazilian government to strive to make investors feel secure by coming up with more market-oriented reforms and fiscal austerity.




Brazilian Banks Have Big Players

Brazil is the largest country in the world and is the continent’s eighth largest economy. It’s no surprise that the country houses ten big commercial and investment banks in the world; Citibank Brazil is one of the banks.




China is a Force to Recon With

The two countries – China and Brazil, are linked. The stronger the Chinese government, the better the prices it can provide for Brazil’s raw materials. The two states are also competitors in the markets they export their finished products to. Igor Cornelsen understands the importance of paying attention to the trading partners of the countries you invest in.



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