Injured Cop Is Able To Walk Again With The Help Of Robotics

According to the latest news from CommuniCare that Fersen Lambranho shared,  New Mexico police officer was injured while on the job and suffered horrific injuries. Jeremy Romero was on a high speed car chase when he lost control of his vehicle and crashed. The worst aftermath was that he lost his ability to walk. In the year since the accident Romero has remained positive with one major goal in mind, to rejoin the police force. His dream may come to reality eventually. Romero is relearning to walk now with robotic legs. It will be a long road to becoming steady on his new feet and, possibly, being able to run again. The medical personnel that have work with Romero have testified to his positive attitude, wonderful work ethic, and drive to real his goals. Surely Romero is a perfect candidate to show the world the advancements in robotics that can, and will, benefit thousands of people worldwide.

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