Inspiring Philanthropic Acts by Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein is well known as a prominent American-Israeli real estate investor. In the real estate industry, Adam made outstanding contributions when he was a managing partner of Hager Pacific Properties. The company has an amazing portfolio of over $ 2 billion various properties that it owns and manages. Apart from being a real estate veteran, Adam has established himself as a robust and active philanthropist in the Jewish community.

Milstein is well known in the philanthropic world through his involvement with the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. The Foundation supports and guides students globally in being aware of their Jewish roots and strengthening their connection to Israel. The foundation backed up by Adam and his wife Gila Milstein benefits hundreds of students who now have knowledge of their heritage through the educational experiences they gain.

Recently Adam Milstein was named among the top 200 philanthropists $ social entrepreneurs. In addition to his charitable acts, Milstein established the Israeli-American Council which focuses on improving the relationship between Israel and the U.S. Adam Milstein works very hard to help expand the council and improve its role in developing American foreign policy regarding Jewish and Israel relations.

Moreover, Milstein is always courageous when it comes to defending the Jewish people and standing up for the oppressed. Adam Milstein is also a committed writer and contributor to popular publications. In the writings, he frequently speaks on the importance of Jewish people to partake some of their cultural activities such as learning to write in Hebrew. Milstein is unique in his charitable services in that he personally fully engages with the community rather than just writing a check.

Adam Milstein gives back to the society with various creative and meaningful ways to help the Jewish people. For example, recently Adam and Gala Milstein Family Foundation collaborated with other Jewish community organizations to put up a meme competition. The memes were to present the fun and loving side of pro-Israel activists. The winners were those who presented the best memes expressing patriotism to Israel. Adam Milstein ensures he does anything under his power to support Jewish citizens and the community as a whole.

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