Intelligent Pedals Protect Against Theft

A French start-up company introduced, at CES 2015, a product that is both simple and innovative: smart bike pedals. Equipped with a GPS, this device allows to know at all times the location of a bicycle, which can be useful when you want to trace a thief.

Jean-Marie Debbasch explained that the system is as autonomous as possible, and that this allows for a system that cannot be compromised by any outside interference that could disrupt or dismantle it. He also added that the pedal had a number of features that could connect them to the vitals of the person peddling.

The pedals can be installed as easily as any other type of pedals, but a special key is required to remove them, which makes it possible to counteract theft. The Connected Cycle pedals also collect up speed, route and altitude traveled, and calories burned by the cyclist.

More uses for this unique device can be developed, and many hope that the possibilities of bicycles will be greatly extended by this sort of open sourcing.

This information can then be viewed on a website and a smart phone application. Interestingly, the pedals will automatically recharged by their own movement.
For now, the product is primarily a prototype, and Connected Cycle is looking for investors. Buyers will have to wait a bit before finding this product market. Furthermore, its price has not yet been determined. Always a tech-savvy individual, Gianfrancesco Genoso will be awaiting its production.

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