Internet Service Provider Caught Lying

When it comes to Verizon there are many who trust the company to always provide them with the best care and support. There are those who rely on Verizon and Verizon only for all of their communication needs. But then, those who have always relied on Verizon may not have heard about the lying that the company has recently done.

It seems that Verizon was trying to get one of their customers to pay for a more expensive plan in order to watch online video content when that customer knew that they did not need the speed that the pricier plan was offering. The subscriber in question was a media expert, and they knew that Verizon was lying to them in order to get them to pay more for their internet connection. When a large company like Verizon – a company that is loved and respected by a great following – lies, what is to be done? Are those who have always loved Verizon going to switch to a new ISP after the news of their lying comes out?

Thanks to philanthropist Keith Mann for the heads up!

One thought on “Internet Service Provider Caught Lying”

  1. That was a smart one from the technology guy knowing what he wants and really it is great to have knowledge about a thing or two. In like some time as a large company, they will love it to have stories like this on their channels. However this is not the case as most of their contents are on demand even if the knowledge could soon get out to the public.

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