James Dondero, Private Equity Investor

Jim Dondero is the co-founder and president of Highland Capital Management, a private equity firm founded in 1993. He graduated from the University of Virginia with a bachelor’s degree of Accounting and Finance in 1984. He started working for American Express upon graduation and worked there until 1989. Then, he earned the title of Chief Investment officer of GIC, a Protective Life Company subsidiary — not many people become CIO after only four years experience. After working at GIC, Mr. James Dondero decided to branch off and make his own firm, which he did with Highland Capital Management.

Aside from his work at Highland Capital Management, Mr. Dondero is active on the board of chairmen for several companies. Dondero was recently appointed to Chairman of the Board of NexPoint Residential Trust, and the President. NexPoint is a subsidiary of NexBank, which is owned primarily by Mr. Dondero. James Dondero was the best fit at president of the company compared to other applicants because of his experience with NexBank. Mr. James Dondero is also a member of the board of directors for Cornerstone Healthcare, MGM Studios, American Banknote, and CCS Medical.

Highland Capital Management is a private equity firm that focuses primarily on the collateralized loan obligation market. CLOs are basically accounts receivables that have yet to be collected, and are sometimes risky because some people refuse to pay their debts off. Highland Capital Management oversees about twenty one billion US dollars worth of assets, which is one of the largest pools for a company of its type.

Despite being so busy working for Highland Capital and serving as a member of the board of directors for so many companies, Mr. James Dondero finds the time to be active in philanthropy. He has given to dozens of charitable organizations and does so on a regular basis.

Mr. Dondero is also the Director of American Banknote Corporation, and Safety-Kleen, Inc, since 2002 and 2010, respectively. He serves as the Director of MGM Holdings Inc., and as the Director and Member of the Compensation Committee and Member of Executive Committee of NeighborCare, Inc.

Highland Capital Management, alongside Mr. James Dondero, is one of the largest and most reputable alternative credit managers of its type. Many similar companies don’t make it as far as Highland has, with a shelf life of almost twenty five years! More information can be found about Highland Capital Management on their website, www.HighlandCapital.com. If you are interested in visiting one of their offices in person, there are offices in Dallas, New York, Singapore, Seoul, and Sao Paulo.

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