John Goullet’s Early Life and Success in Entrepreneurship

John Goullet at Info Technologies

John Goullet is a serial entrepreneur behind the success of numerous highly successful ventures in the IT marketplace. John Goullet began his career in 1994 as an IT Consultant before his way up as an IT staffing professional. Having gained experience in observing market trends, Goullet founded Info Technologies, an IT staffing firm to provide solutions and services to mid-market and Fortune 500 companies throughout the United States.

While serving as the Chief Executive Officer of Info Technologies, John focused on understanding the corporate IT staffing industry as well as specific needs of a client. He would match his personal attributes not only to meet but exceed customer expectations. Under his helm, John Goullet took Info Technologies to greater heights, having ranked eighth among the fastest growing privately-financed firms in the United States. Within five years, Info Technologies’ assets were valued at $30 million. As a visionary leader, John Goullet merged his IT staffing firm, Info Technologies with Gene Waddy’s Diversant Inc. to form Diversant LLC in 2010.

John Goullet at Diversant LLC

Upon the merger, John assumed the mantle of Diversant’s Principal. Here, Goullet commits to developing new mechanisms to address challenges in the ever-evolving IT marketplace. Diversant LLC is the leading IT staffing and solutions firm held by an African-American in the United States. In many ways, it reflects Goullet’s professionalism, personality, and commitment to addressing diverse, complex challenges in the IT staffing sector. Interestingly, Diversant LLC continues to experience growth even as markets make the downturn. As such, the firm has built an excellent reputation as a reliable and responsive service provider among mid-market and Fortune 500 companies. Under Goullet’s watch, Diversant LLC has integrated industry leaders to be part of its innovative team. The passion for developing new mechanisms to address challenges in the ever-evolving IT sector continues to inspire Goullet’s dedication to expanding Diversant’s presence.

Meanwhile, Diversant LLC has constituted its advisory firm to provide guidance regarding commercial development and strategic planning. The board comprises of senior executives such as business experts and industry leaders not involved in routine operations of the company. Board Members meet with Diversant’s management regularly to review performance and market trends.

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