Jose Borghi Describes The Role Images Play In Advertising Some Background Information On Jose Borghi

Mr. Jose Borghi is an advertising executive who currently serves as co-CEO of Brazilian ad agency Mullen Lowe. Jose Borghi is an award winning creator of ads, having received lions awards in Europe for his marketing genius. He graduated from the Pontifical Catholic University of Campinas with a bachelor’s degree in advertising and propaganda.

Jose Borghi had founded his own advertising company with a friend called BorghiErh, which was later bought out and incorporated into another firm. It was then called BorghiLowe. Another buyout and change of ownership resulted in another renaming of the firm. This time it was renamed to Mullen Lowe, where Jose Borgi currently serves as co-CEO of the Brazilian advertising agency on

Images Are Key To Connecting With Consumers According to Jose Borghi

A study conducted by marketing company Narita Design & Strategy has come up with some interesting conclusions says Jose Borghi. When a group of people are asked their thoughts on images, the responses tend to be quick, almost instantaneous and sincere. This is in contrast with questionnaires where responses can take a long time to obtain. The sincerity of responses is also somewhat questionable.

Mr. Jose Borghi points out that when you see an image you immediately feel something and have a response to it. There is no time to rationalize. You get an effect from the image right away. This can be used by marketers to showcase their product and get it into the consumer’s minds without writing or even saying anything. Jose Borghi says that a picture is worth a thousand words and he says that it holds true even in the world of advertising media.

Another important thing highlighted by the study done by Narita Design & Strategy in Brazil is that pictures are more more effective in connecting with the person and soliciting an emotional response. People respond with emotion to images. The same cannot be said to text or sound. These mediums may or may not elicit an emotion, while images almost always do.

By connecting with a consumer emotionally, you are already hooking them onto your message and product. This is key for advertisers. Before the study conducted by Narita Design & Strategy there was speculation that images managed to build an emotional relationship with viewers. It has now been scientifically validated by a psychologist who was on the survey team.

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