Kenneth Griffin: The Self-made Billionaire And Founder Of Citadel

Ken Griffin is an award winning hedge fund manager, the founder of Citadel and the Chief Executive Officer of Citadel. Ken Griffin’s ethics and core set of values is why Citadel is one of the longest lasting and most successful alternative financial management and hedge fund firms in the world. He is still considered young especially when his financial success is measured against his age. Ken Griffin is about to turn 47 years old, and as of the beginning of October 2015, his personal net worth was estimated by Forbes to be $7 billion. October 16th is when Ken Griffin will officially turn 47 too. Forbes offered him quite the birthday present by advertising his short, successful career that was founded on his entrepreneurial style of thinking, a solid and admirable set of ethics and a belief in generosity and philanthropy.

Forbes, as well as many others, consider Ken Griffin to be a self-made billionaire, which is a testament to his entrepreneurial skills and philosophies. He began his career as a hedge fund manager in his second year at the prestigious Harvard University. He was attending school there for economics, so it is fair to say that Ken Griffin has always been fascinated with the way money is made and its global flow. He learned about investing from his fascination with Forbes, which is funny because Forbes is the same company that now watches Ken Griffin so closely. It only took one Forbes’ article for Ken Griffin, and after that, he just seemed to know what he was going to do with his life. After reading that article in 1984, Ken Griffin began personally investing his own money, and he decided to do some crowd funding from family and friends to set up his first hedge fund while he was still at Harvard. His first hedge fund soon turned into a second hedge fund, and both concentrated on putting the capital that was given to him to invest in an area called convertible bond arbitrage. He was able to turn a quarter of a million dollars from his original venture in raising capital his second year in college into $1 million in investment capital before he graduated in 1989, which was just one year before he founded Citadel.

Today, Citadel works with $25 billion in capital, but in 1990, Ken Griffin founded the alternative investment firm with less than $5 million. Ken Griffin and his team at Citadel was able to increase the initial investment capital by more that 5000 times in 25 years. That figure alone is impressive enough to encourage the richest and most important investors in the world to trust Citadel with investment capital, and they absolutely do trust Citadel.

At 47 years old with a net worth of $7 billion and growing, Ken Griffin will become more famous. Fame will soon match his net worth as long as his methods work. He is very passionate about Reagan style economics, and it wouldn’t surprise anyone to see the name Kenneth Griffin on a ballot box some day.

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