Larkin and Lacey Help People Enjoy Their Lives Even As Minorities

For years, minorities have struggled to get the rights they deserve. Even in a country where they are supposed to be treated as equals, minorities do not have the same opportunities as other people do. While they may be able to get the same things as others on paper, they don’t always get treated the same.

In fact, they are treated poorly and that makes things harder for people to try and make things better while they are working on different things. It has been difficult for most immigrants and minorities, but they know what to expect when they come to this country or are born into it.

Larkin and Lacey don’t think this is fair for people. They think if a country is supposed to provide equal opportunities, it should do just that.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have always wanted to see minorities treated as equals and they have worked as activist journalists for a long time to make sure they can try to help that happen. They knew what it would take to give this attention to other people and they never stopped trying to make it happen for them.

As long as Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were working together, they felt they could be an influential part of the community. They had plans for big things they were going to do and most of those plans enabled them to try to help others.

They were going to start the Frontera Fund and that’s what gave them the opportunities they needed to be sure they could help other people. It was what allowed them the chance to make things easier for themselves and for people who were in those situations.

The men decided to start a fund where they could give money and legal help to people who needed it.

While the fund was going to be expensive, Jim and Mike were excited to make sure they could do it. They had saved up a lot of money and were prepared to start it. Disaster struck and they had to put things on hold.

They were arrested, but that actually worked out in their favor. They could use the money they got from fighting the arrest and try to change things.

They put more money into the opportunities they had and that’s what allowed them to try and help people through different situations they were dealing with.

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