Lending a Hand: Handy’s Cleaning and Repair Services

If anyone is in need of a cleaning agent or home repair professional, they definitely will want to consider Handy. Handy on facebook is business that offers an array of cleaning and repair services that are easily accessed through Handy’s mobile app. Handy is available in various locations in the United States, Canada, and London. Reviews have been been generally positive regarding Handy from their employees due to their competitive wage and the opportunity for employees to work flexible hours. Reviews have also been positive from clients who enjoy the full range of services that Handy provides and the convenience of booking an appointment with one of their local professionals.

What sets Handy apart from their competitors is the fact that they utilize modern technology as part of their business model. They have a smartphone app to increase their customers’ level of accessibility to them. In just a few simple touches on a phone screen a customer can schedule a time that is convenient for them for a cleaning agent or a home repair professional to visit their home. Clients have responded positively to this convenient way to book a cleaning for their home, which is shown in the company’s profit increase. In the twenty-four months since Handy introduced their business, they have already received an average weekly profit of one million dollars.

Handy’s cleaning service is available for home owners and business owners. A single cleaning covers a generous amount of work. Every surface in the living areas, bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchen area is dusted and all mirrors are cleaned. Every area of the floor not covered by furniture is cleaned and the bathroom’s plumbing fixtures are all cleaned and sanitized. In the kitchen, the sink is completely emptied of dirty dishes and the exteriors of the stove, oven, and refrigerator are cleaned. Any trash or recycling in the interior of the house is taken out. Any laundry or interior cleaning of any windows or appliances, such as the refrigerator or microwave, is available upon request for at an additional charge.

The great thing about Handy is that it offers something for everyone. While the majority of their business is generated from bookings for housekeeping services, they offer many more services. They offer a moving service for people changing residences locally and furniture assembly for people who need furniture set up, such as TV entertainment centers. They have professionals who can paint your interior walls and who will provide all of the necessary equipment, excluding primer and paint. They have professional plumbers who are certified to install, repair, and replace any faucets or fixtures. They also have certified electricians that can be hired to replace any hard-to-reach bulbs or install any new lights a client may need.

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