Lime Crime Reinvents the Magical Mermaid

Mermaids is the big theme this summer with Lime Crime and their collection specially designed for the fantasy swimmer at heart. While Unicorn Hair is its own brand of semi-permanent hair color dyes, if you travel on over to the mermaid themed page found on the Lime Crime website, you’ll see the suggested four colors to go with your mermaid inspired makeup routine this sunny season. These colors include Dirty Mermaid, Salad, Blue Smoke, and Pony and are sure to live up to the hype when included in a combination of any of the beauty brand’s makeups.


What you’ll also find on the bubble covered page are shimmery diamond crushers, reminiscent of the out of this world colors to be found in the deepest depths of the ocean. Make your lips reminiscent of pearls or the shiny inside of a shell with any of the four lip crusher colors suggested for this current mermaid theme. These unique lip toppers include Trip (delirium purple), Cheap Thrill (sunset/rose shift), Fluke (chill mauve), and Acid Fairy (lavender/mint shift). Mix and match your diamond crush topper with all your favorite lip balms and lipsticks and see what kind of luminescent effects you can come up with.


Following the under the sea theme are Lime Crime’s pop on nails. Each of these are made from a super special type of plastic that is chip resistant and looks just as real as they feel to the touch. The material they’re made out of can also file down to your desired shape and size with ease, just like real nails. Each color is shiny and opalescent with rainbow undertones. They come in four distinct colors to really set off your look, including Storm, Oyster, Lizard, and Camel. If you’re going for a light and bright mermaid look, Oyster or Storm would be the perfect fit, while a more dark sea with look might fit best with Lizard and Camel. Regardless, it’s up to you to use your creativity to mix and match to your heart’s content while finding that best combination for your summer mermaid look!

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