Lime Crime: Unicorn Hair For Everyone

Taking three years to perfect, Lime Crime ‘s Unicorn Hair dream colors are here to help you showcase your inner princess, rebel, goth or rock star! Produced by CEO Doe Deere, the semi-permanent hair dye is made to last longer and fade gracefully. Unicorn hair is a vegetable-based dye that’s carefully and correctly made out of pure, vegan ingredients which aren’t just gentle on hair but gentle on the environment and its amazing creatures. Unicorn Hair comes in colors that are either complete coverage and tinted formulas. After application, Unicorn Hair leaves your hair feeling creamy as silk while dazzling your essence with the scent comparable to that of mythical winged creatures. The dye conditions hair as it deposits color, and is made not to damage hair.

This Fall, it seems the unicorn hair trend has evolved its goth kingdom– at least, based on Lime Crime. The mark only proclaimed that it has to unite four more colors to its Unicorn Hair Collection. This time, the colors have gone far darker, bolder and more dramatic. Even though the first rollout of colors was bright, cheery and lively as can be, these four new colors are decadently climactic.

The colors making their debut at LimeCrime are Chestnut, which is an expressive maroon; Squid, an ominous purple; Charcoal, a dusky gray; and Sea Witch, the tail shade of a primitive and impolite adversary of an unsuspecting mermaid. These colors are exclusively full-coverage, and the decision to discharge such extreme colors was intentional. Within an Pinterest article, the brand mentioned that these colors are all intended for anyone who has brunette or darker-haired women who wish to represent Team Unicorn.

Naturally, colors are always more vibrant on pre-bleached hair that’s clean and unconditioned. However, the new Fall colors can be implemented on dark hair without bleaching. For full coverage, it is ideal to use the color and leave it in for thirty minutes. Tints should be left for 45 minutes and then rinsed until the water runs clean. It’s ideal to use color-treated hair shampoo and shampoo between colors to preserve color.

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