Marc Sparks Advises People On The Best Way To Get Things Done

The CEO, Founder and owner of Timber Creek, Marc Sparks, has helped over 60 start-ups get on their feet and find their wings. Spark’s new book ‘They Can’t Eat You’ is aimed at young entrepreneurs and people with dreams who want to become successful in any business endeavor they set their eyes on. As a person, Marc Sparks believes in organization and staying motivated. For this, he has one simple tip that would help anyone get things done, no matter how lazy the person might be. This tip involves making to-do lists to get things done. Any goal can be achieved by using to-do lists and when Marc Sparks recommends this method, he speaks from practice.

Start with Two Lists – It is Marc Sparks’ practice of sitting himself down every Sunday evening and write a list. He means actually writing with a pen and paper, and not typing on a computer. He makes two lists. One of them is for the things he needs to achieve in the week. This could be something as simple as picking up the dry-cleaning or as complex as only smoking a pack the entire week. The logic behind writing and not typing is that when you write something, you remember it and it motivates you to make that tick on the paper, right next to your objective.

The second list from Sparks is regarding goals. These are long term things you might have achieved but don’t want to forget. It could also be about your future goals and by writing them down every week, you keep yourself motivated to achieve them. For instance, if your goal is to write a book in the near future, your first weekly list could be regarding the number of pages you need to finish writing. The second list would be about your bigger goal – Finish the book this year and look for a publisher.

Be Accountable – When you don’t manage to tick an item on your to-do list, you need to hold yourself accountable. This does not mean beating yourself up for it but just that you need ensure that you stick to your targets in the future.

Try It For 66 Days – Marc Sparks recommends following this tip for 66 days to see a difference in your life.

This simple tip would make you as focused as Marc Sparks in your daily, weekly and long term endeavors. You would never complain about being unable to stick to targets.

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