Marie Claire’s Interview With Fabletics

Marie Claire magazine recently conducted an interview with Kate Hudson, who is the co-creator of the athleisure brand called Fabletics. Fabletics is a company that features trendy athletic clothing that fits your everyday lifestyle. In her interview, she expresses excitement over some recent additions to the Fabletics website, and describes how the athleisure trend is so versatile. Athleisure is simply athletic leisure clothing which can be worn for trend or comfort purpose, and most of the time, both. In the past couple of years, the trend has become a lifestyle to many for its comfortable fabrics, slimming abilities and fun styles. Full intervirew at

Kate Hudson is so excited to announce the arrival of some new additions to the Fabletics line. Dresses are now available to order on the site and they are not only fun and adorable, but they feature that comfortable athleisure material that is loved by so many. They are breathable, slimming, with built in spanx like support, and super fashionable. They are so versatile, they could be worn to nearly any place or event you can think of. In addition to the dress line, they have also added a collection of swimsuits that are fun, vibrant and supportive in all the right areas. You will be so excited to hit he beach this summer in these awesome, current styles!

Fabletics is so exciting because you can receive outfits delivered to your door each and every month at a better than reasonable rate. In comparison to companies like Nike or Reebok, Fabletics beats them in the price category significantly. If you choose to subscribe, you can add athleisure pieces to your wardrobe gradually to create the perfect closet. Even if you don’t subscribe, you can always just purchase at your own leisure. Fabletics is certainly the perfect opportunity for any athleisure addict to get the perfect wardrobe on a budget. Athleisure is a comfortable, yet trendy lifestyle that is great for anyone.

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