Mark Ahn Provides Insights into Tech Trends

Mark Ahn, the seasoned Biotech entrepreneur recently sat down in order to provide insights on the latest tech trends and the technology that is going to make a global impact in the coming year. Now, while he did not name specific brands or elements, he did point out what would be important to look into for any tech firm looking to make something important for the rest of the tech community to use.

First, Mark Ahn pointed out the importance of caring. He stated the tech should be innovative but it should move towards assisting the user with a task. The designers need to care about the user’s needs and not produce the tech product simply to make money. This can be anywhere to help manage food consumption to being able to help alter climate change and global warming. He indicated that there really is nothing too large or too small when it comes to helping with tech products, but that it does need to have some sort of carrying element.

After this, Mr. Ahn pointed out the importance of targeting old problems with new approaches. Often times there is an old method of completing a task that is simply outdated and altering the way of completing this task may prove vital to millions of people worldwide. Whether the new method can help save time or money, trying to go about improving an old problem with a new approach is essential.

Now, for other tech investors, it is important to never underestimate the little guys who work in the tech industry. In fact, the majority of tech improvements actually come from smaller companies that are eventually purchased by the larger companies that have the financial capability of using the new technology and implement it into the equipment the larger company produces.

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