Mars One Narrows List to 100 People to Send to Mars

It could be hard to imagine that anyone would sign up for what could ultimately become a one-way trip to explore a distant planet, but when Mars One announced it was looking for people interested in making the trip, 200,00 signed up. Of course, the company could not send that many people to the Red Planet, which means a process to narrow the field had to be conducted. For now, it seems like the company is on the right track.

According to this article from that my friend Paul Mathieson forwarded me, the list has been cut to the final one hundred people, and since six crews of four amounts to twenty-four people, everyone has about a one in four chance of heading toward Mars. Mars One is planning to use current technology to send the people on their way, which means the trip alone is going to take close to seven months. Of course, the purpose of the trip is to establish a permanent settlement.

A number of difficulties remain in front of the company before it actually launches anyone into space, and selecting the astronauts is just the beginning. Figuring out how to land, set up a camp, and create a thriving civilization are all goals that are going to need a fair amount of attention prior to the flight. However, the brave one-hundred people that are willing to risk leaving Earth to perhaps never return are going to be getting a fair bit of scrutiny over the next few months.

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