Memories of Parents Can Be Passed to Their Offspring

A revolutionary scientific study has been done in the realm of memories and genetics. This study shows that learned aversion is passed to offspring. This study was done by a highly reputable medical school in the US, the Emory University School of Medicine. In these experiments with mice, it was shown that traumatic events may affect the sperm’s DNA, thereby altering the brains and actions of later generations. The mice were taught to fear the smell of cherry blossoms. The researchers studied the effects on their sperm. The section of DNA that is the cause for the sensitivity to cherry blossom scent became more active in the mice’s sperm. In addition, the mice’s children and grandchildren were “extremely sensitive” to the cherry blossom scent and avoided the scent they had never smelled before in their lives. The nervous system of later generations was influenced in both structure and function. The environment affects genetics and what happens to the sperm and egg is no doubt passed on to offspring. Another study on the diet of the mother and the weight of her children can be found at:
In light of these findings, public health researchers need to take human transgenerational behavior seriously. These findings are relevant to PTSD, anxiety and phobias and it is evidence that memories can pass to later generations and offspring have a genetically learned response to triggers. Sergio Andrade finds these findings especially important for future expectant parents.

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