Microsoft Drops Nokia Name for Its Next Lumia

We all heard the news about Microsoft acquiring Nokia’s handset business. The complete buying of the company handset business was finished in April 2014.

Many questions had been asked by Rod Rohrich at the time about what this purchase would ultimately mean for Nokia, and just how Microsoft would utilize the Nokia brand in the future. Those answers are now starting to come out.

Just months after acquiring the company, Microsoft is about to launch a new Lumia phone that will not have the name Nokia. Microsoft had hinted that they would only use the name Nokia for a while before dropping it.

However, it seems like the dropping came earlier than expected.

The code name for the phone is Lumia 535. The phone will come loaded with the latest Windows Phone 8.1 features.

The phone will have some superior features but will retail at only $137. The price is before taxes and subsidies.

Even if the taxes are added, the phone will be selling at an affordable price. In addition, the phone will have a wide-angle 5 megapixel front camera.

The display will be a 5-inch qHD screen.  More features will be listed on the launch date. This is an effort to boost the sales of the Lumia phones which have dropped in the market share to just 2.7 percent.

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