Minimally Invasive Spinal Procedures To Relieve Pain

Four out of five adults suffer from back pain at some point in their lives. If you’re suffering from chronic lower back pain and aren’t able to get relief, North American Spine offers procedures to diagnose the problem and effectively treat the pain.

A variety of conditions can cause back pain. In some back pain sufferers, the pain is related to their age. In other cases, the pain may be the result of arthritis, scoliosis, or conditions affecting the joints or bones. One of the most painful conditions that causes chronic pain is spondylolisthesis, which is the result of one vertebra slipping over the one underneath it. The spinal canal may become more narrow. Inflammation and irritation cause pain in nerve endings. Lower back pain may also be the result of strenuous physical activity. When the muscles aren’t given time to warm up sufficiently, muscle strains and soreness may result.

Types of lower back pain include acute, which can be the result of insufficient sleep or muscle strain. Subacute pain may last a little longer but usually subsides after a few weeks. Chronic pain may be the result of an arthritic condition, a slipped disc, or a fracture in the vertebra.

The treatment for your spinal pain depends on the cause. In the past, recommended treatment options included physical therapy, pain medication, exercise, hot or cold compresses, or changes in lifestyle. Some patients find that surgical procedures don’t help them. However, treatment options are available that are minimally invasive and may effectively eliminate the pain.

Although many doctors use traditional diagnostic procedures including CT or MRI scans, these procedures don’t always diagnose the problem accurately which makes treatment less effective. Rather than offering one surgical procedure to treat chronic back pain, our physicians make treatment recommendations that we base on what the diagnostic procedure reveals, and the patient’s medical history.

An effective way of treating spinal conditions is the AccuraScope procedure. The procedure is unique, and patented by North American Spine,  because it allows the doctor to treat several areas of the spine at one time that causes less trauma for the patient. An endoscope with a laser and camera is inserted into the base of the spine. The surgeon can make a more accurate diagnosis based on the results of the procedure.

Traditional, open spine surgery is a painful process with a long recovery period which can last for months. A moderate risk is involved since the patient must have general anesthesia to undergo the procedure. There’s a higher risk of increased pain, scarring, and tissue damage from the traditional surgery. Which was the purpose behind North American Spine, because the AccuraScope procedure is a conservative approach to managing lower back pain in the most minimally way possible. We take a conservative approach with our spinal procedures.

Patients that undergo minimally invasive spinal procedures using the AccuraScope procedure have advantages over those who undergo open spinal surgery. The risk of damage to bones, muscles, blood vessels, or nerves is minimal. Less pain is involved in the procedure, and patients can recover faster. The incision is very small, and there’s minimal risk of scarring. Additional benefits are that the source or sources of the pain can be diagnosed, and multiple conditions may be treated at the same time.

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