Mount Sharp in Mars Analysis

For quite a while little information has been gathered in terms of Mars, one of the closest planets in our solar system and certainly the most potentially habitable. However, recent discoveries have brought the possibilities of getting information that will be very useful in the future.

The tech and space lovers like Brad Reifler are constantly keeping an eye on what happens with the Mars explorers. The incoming recent news regards Mars’s Gale Crater. Something strange was noticed a while ago at the landing.

Inside the crater, one can easily spot the rocky mountain which obviously needed some natural factors to deposit there. The scientists see it as one more proof that water existed a while ago on the red planet.

Not just a little, but a whole lake full of water where sediments were pushed towards the middle and settled down in layers as the water was evaporating. The structure of the rocks definitely shows that humid conditions were a decisive factor in their formation.

A lot of deformities can be also blamed on asteroid impacts, but not this type of relief like the rocky mountain in Mars’s Gale Crater. Mount Sharp is the relief named here, and the scientists claim that in no way could they have made a discovery this accurate with the satellite images.

This and other outstanding questions are only to be solved with the help of the robot on the ground.

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