Mr. Milstein isn’t Just a Real Estate Investor and Developer

Adam Milstein is an advocate and well-known activist for people around the world who are oppressed and whose voice is muffled, including his own people, the Israelis. Mr. Milstein is an Israeli-American who was born in Haifia, Israel. He attended the Technion which is equivalent to Boston’s MIT. Moving to the United States, he graduated as a Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science Degree in economics and business. In 1983 Milstein received an MBA from the University of Southern California. After he graduated he began his real estate career by working with his father in their building and construction business. He continued in the real estate industry Adam Milstein became the managing partner at Hager Pacific Properties. Adam Milstein became an influential realtor with a billion-dollar portfolio consisting of properties developed throughout the U.S.

Mr. Milstein isn’t just a real estate investor and developer, his community leadership and prominent philanthropist works has given him many awards and acknowledgements. Adam Milstein has been awarded Humanitarian of the Year Award, as well as the Top 200 Most Influential Social Media and Philanthropists Entrepreneurs. Adam Milstein is the co-founder and National Chairman of the Israeli-American Council. His work with the Israeli-American Council centers around the relationship of the Jewish nation of Israel and the U.S. through the Israeli-American young adults and their families living and working in the U.S.

Furthering the U.S. and Israeli relationship is fostered in The Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. Adam and his wife are the founders of this Foundation based on the lifestyle principles of Adam which is to help educate and support the underserved. The Family Foundation is designed to educate young students around the world on the Israeli-Jewish identity and their heritage. The Foundation also purposefully trains Israeli-American young people about the history of the State of Israeli as well as to help Israeli youths know how to combat anti-Israeli or antisemitism that can be prevalent on American and international college campuses and more

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