New Mummy Cemetery Found in Egypt

One might think that all that could be found in Egypt has been, but new discoveries are still made day by day, and through this we are able to understand more.

Did you also believe that every corner on the Earth has been researched by archaeologists and we have no chance to find anything new? You, indeed, would be wrong. The Egyptian side still managed to hide a large cemetery with over a million buried mummies.

Some of them are very well preserved. Unlikely what they did when the rich pharaohs died, the village people were buried along with their wealth. The researchers dug out clothing remains and noticed a child mummy wearing bracelets on both hands, which Ben Shaoul found most interesting.

Some beautiful pieces of glass were arranged to form the vase that they once were. The most amazing discovery was a mummy which belonged to a person taller than 2 meters (or 7 feet). It is amazing firstly because the amount of food at that time was too little and not that nourishing. Even nowadays there are not many who reach this height.

Secondly, the body did not fit the place reserved for it, so it was bend in two. Unusual practice, when you compare how carefully the others were laid in their tombs. The mummies date from around the 1st to the 7th century, when the Egyptian territory was under the rule of the Roman Empire.

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