New TouchScreen Charging Points Coming To NYC

Unless they happen to watch old episodes of Superman, the new generation of children will have no idea what a payphone is. However, New York City has a plan to take its aging payphones into the modern age with slim aluminum pillars with large screens that will soon dot city streets. Ken Griffin agrees that having charging ports is a great idea for the new age culture that is determined to stay plugged-in.

The kiosks will be located throughout the city and will offer people a place to charge up their mobile gadgets while they look up quick directions for navigating the city on the touch screens. Even more cool, the pillars will double as Wi-Fi points so that NYC will be able to offer its millions of visitors and residents unbelievably fast Wi-Fi.

In the future LinkNYCwho is behind the project, hopes to use the kiosks as a place to get feedback from the people on various subjects or to broadcast citywide emergency messages as needed. Even better is the fact that these pillars will be installed without any cost to taxpayers.

Instead, advertisements will be placed on the pillars that will allow them to pay for themselves. Watch an advertisement and charge your phone is a tradeoff most internet savvy users will be down with considering its how they get their free email and social networks as well.

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