Nexbank sponsors Lemonade Day


Nexbank is one of the best known financial services company in the Dallas area. Thousands of customers depend on this company, and they have a wonderful reputation within the community. Nexbank is constantly reaching out to the community, and on May 7th they sponsored a huge community event in Dallas.
NexBank Reports Strong Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2015 Results

National Lemonade Day is a celebration of an extremely refreshing beverage. Children around the country love drinking this refreshing beverage after a hard day, but the beverage also can help children learn about commerce. Nexbank recently announced Lemonade day as a way to educate children about running a business.

Nexbank feels that the lemonade stand is a classic business model. Children create a product, their lemonade, and they open a stand in hopes of selling their product. Nexbank hosted lemonade day at the North Texas MetroPlex. Children from throughout the area flocked to the MetroPlex to set up their lemonade stands. Each stand offered a unique take on lemonade, and people from throughout Dallas had the opportunity to meet the entrepreneurs of tomorrow. Lemonade Day taught children in the Dallas area great financial concepts, entrepreneurism, and leadership. They are confident that the initiative will prepare children to be business leaders for the future.

Nexbank is a popular financial services company in the Dallas area. They serve their clients in three different ways, Commercial Banking, Investment Banking, and Mortgage Banking. They work with corporations, financial institutions, and institutional clients throughout the country. They offer customized solutions for each of their clients with both financial and banking services.

Lemonade day was a great initiative from Nexbank. Children throughout the area learned valuable business lessons, while having a great deal of fun. Nexbank looks forward to sponsoring Lemonade Day again next year, and the event is sure to be successful again next year.

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