Obama Advises FCC to Keep Internet Free

On the official White House YouTube channel the president of the United States of America, Barack Obama, induced the Federal Communications Commission, or what is known as FCC, to reclassify internet as a utility. This effect of this is that it indicates the internet being free and unrestricted.

This is in response to internet service providers trying to provide premium and more expensive services for business, which in turn would throttle the average user’s internet.

Obama started his speech reminding the audience that the internet began with the ideas of openness fairness and freedom. There were no intended gatekeepers to decide which websites users should be visiting and others that they should not.

My source Igor Cornelsen tells me this is why internet should continue to be free by classifying it as a utility and helping it serve the purpose it’s meant for.

They are just provided without restrictions or questioning, and nobody is supposed to be controlling their flow like some internet providers are trying to do all the time.

This comes in a time when the FCC is drastically changing its policies at some point, which provide a good opportunity to put some pressure on those who are really important: the internet users themselves.

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