OneLogin: Looking Back at 2017

OneLogin solves identity and access management issues for cloud computing. Its solutions can benefit speed, security, management, productivity, and integrity. The central focus of its identity and access management platform is integration. Single sign-on services are among its niches.

One of the biggest changes that took place this past year occurred with the hiring of Brad Brooks as the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The previous CEO, Thomas Pedersen, transitioned to Chairman of the Board. With Brooks handling CEO duties, Pedersen can channel efforts in a dual role as Chief Technology Officer.

The new leadership structure is important because the company is growing fast. This year’s notable achievements include adding major clients, customer excellence, and winning over its employees. Airbus is the most recognized client. It praised OneLogin for facilitating a digital transformation.

Several other clients commended OneLogin on helping them streamline their workplace. The company was recognized by several organizations across a variety of industries. Employee approval echoed these testaments to the tune of a prestigious award. Fortune ranked OneLogin in their top 10 for small companies located in the Bay area.

OneLogin also needs its new leadership to move forward with new technologies. Brooks is highly regarded for his vision in the technology sector. There are three areas where this will be crucial: multi-factor authentication (MFA), access to applications, and streamlining legacy software. Streaming and securing dedicated software is essential to ongoing business. Innovation and growth need to be tempered with existing loyal clients.

MFA is important as a next-generation solution. It incorporates machine learning, which much of the business world sees as the future. MFA can virtualize a wide range of integration for the workplace. OneLogin also recognizes that machine learning must not exceed human applications. The agenda is dedicated to matching administrators and users with friendly apps.

OneLogin offers forward thinking solutions at a time when it is necessary. The small company’s success is astounding. Its re-positioning within the market shows foresight. OneLogin in not thinking about surviving against bigger competition, its vision is on shaping the future.

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