Status Labs Handles Online Reputation Fixing

Once a reputation is tarnished, it becomes very difficult to hold onto the same status in a community or professional circle than previously existed. Difficult to be sure, impossible never. There are things that can be done to help re-establish a reputation back to what existed prior to a scandal or controversy. Calling on Status Labs might be the best way to help with this cause.

Status Labs is a company based out of Austin, Texas that specifically works for those persons who have suffered harm to their good name. An executive or celebrity who gets in the legal trouble does not want to see the dark cloud of bad publicity hang over his or her head. Businesses that receive bad marks for customer service do not want to suffer from a constant loss of new clients because bad reviews never seem to go away.

The sad truth is nothing is going to change what people see in the global search engine results unless specific tasks are performed. Someone must create and promote new bits of information for the search engine results. This means blogs, websites, social media posts, and more must be published. All of this work has to be done by professionals who truly know what they are doing. Status Labs employs such professionals and they should be able to deliver extremely important and much-needed help.

Status Labs is headquartered in Austin, TX. The company’s offices have recently moved to the prestigious business district in the city. Status Labs has also joined the local Chamber of Commerce and is expanding its presence in the city.

Actually, Status Labs is expanding its presence all over the globe. Offices have been opened in New York and even as far away as San Paulo, Brazil. Of course, since a great deal of the work rooted in online public relations and marketing, clients can be drawn from anywhere in the world. And there are a lot of people from around the globe asking for help. 1,500 clients from about 35 countries have worked with Status Labs to reverse a number of reputation woes.

Darius Fisher is the man behind Status Labs. A former political consultant and marketing copywriter, Fisher brings a tremendous amount of expertise to the complex job of fixing people’s images. His skills have helped establish Status Labs as one of the top reputation management firms in the industry.

A Rarity in Cosmetic Surgery: Dr. Jennifer Walden

Over 90% of cosmetic surgery patients are women, yet only about 10% of cosmetic surgeons are female. In that cosmetic surgery is all about transforming ones’ body, it would seem a female surgeon may have an intuitive advantage for female patients over her male counterparts. Meet Dr. Jennifer Walden, a plastic surgeon who cut her teeth in New York before opening her own practice in Austin, TX.

Born and raised in Austin, Dr. Walden received her degree in Biology at the University of Texas-Austin and earned her residency at the University of Texas-Galveston Medical Branch. Moving to New York for a fellowship in aesthetic surgery at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital, Dr. Walden spent over seven years honing her craft. The birth of twins in 2011 prompted Dr. Walden to set up a new practice in her hometown.

Focusing her practice solely on cosmetic surgery, Dr. Walden performs breast augmentations, face-lifts, nose jobs, liposuctions and Botox injections. Her experience with female patients is that most are not looking to be turned into models, but rather are looking to correct body issues that have arisen over the years. As a woman in her forties and mother of twins, Dr. Walden can empathize with these patients and more easily identify problem areas. In that cosmetic surgery generally runs in the $7,000 – $10,000 range, it is important that a cosmetic surgeon seeks to get the patients’ desired results while minimizing the procedures involved.

Dr. Walden has made it a consistent goal that she wants to help women. Self-confidence is important for any person to succeed and have a happy life, and ones’ appearance is a foundation of this. In taking this approach, Dr. Walden avoids unnecessary expectations and surgery for her patients. By focusing on self-improvement and not on society’s expectations of beauty, Dr. Walden has proven to be unique in her field.

As a member of the Board of Directors for the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, her influence in the field of cosmetic surgery has grown. Dr. Walden is a regular expert commentator on local news outlets and has been featured in national channels ABC, FOX and E!. In 2014, Dr. Walden was ranked one of the top 24 Beauty Surgeons by Harper’s Bazaar magazine.

Entrepreneur And Philanthropist Eric Pulier

In today’s contemporary society, it is important to be aware of the need to demonstrate many kinds of skills. Those who can do so are those who will be able to enjoy a long and happy career. In the course of their lifetime, many people are aware of the need to wear many kinds of hats in their life. Someone may be called upon to spend one day working in one capacity and another working in an entirely different capacity. This kind of flexibility is vital in order to thrive in today’s ever changing marketplace and meet the needs of both consumers and employers.

Someone who fully understands the needs to demonstrate such skills is Eric Pulier. Pulier is a widely respected entrepreneur and philanthropist who has helped find and provide economic opportunity for many other people. Pulier’s skills have been applied to many areas including that of business, healthcare, education, technology and charitable giving. He has done much to demonstrate what can be done for those who understand how such fields can be combined by someone who knows how to work with multiple fields. Pulier’ s skills have been lauded as a result of his abilities in so many areas.

Pulier is a native of Teaneck, New Jersey, a small city in Northern New Jersey a short distance away from Manhattan. While growing up here, his talents and skills were recognized by many of his peers and teachers. When he was only in grade school, he began to experiment with the use of computers. By the time he was in high school, he was running his own computer related business that was highly successful. After Pulier graduated from high school, he attended Harvard University where he majored in the liberal arts. He spent his time here working hard to develop his skills as a writer and his understanding of business.

After his graduation from Harvard, he decided a move to Los Angeles was in order for his needs. This city has drawn many people here in search of a better life. Here, he founded many companies including People Doing Things, a company that seeks to help merge many varied fields and demonstrate what can happen when talents from various fields converge in pursuit of a single purpose. Pulier has spent his years since then working hard to help found many other kinds of companies that can help people meet their needs and get the kind of services they need as a result of his insights. He has also worked in the field of charity in order to help others enjoy access to the same kinds of opportunities that have been instrumental in shaping his own life and choices.

Kenneth Griffin: The Self-made Billionaire And Founder Of Citadel

Ken Griffin is an award winning hedge fund manager, the founder of Citadel and the Chief Executive Officer of Citadel. Ken Griffin’s ethics and core set of values is why Citadel is one of the longest lasting and most successful alternative financial management and hedge fund firms in the world. He is still considered young especially when his financial success is measured against his age. Ken Griffin is about to turn 47 years old, and as of the beginning of October 2015, his personal net worth was estimated by Forbes to be $7 billion. October 16th is when Ken Griffin will officially turn 47 too. Forbes offered him quite the birthday present by advertising his short, successful career that was founded on his entrepreneurial style of thinking, a solid and admirable set of ethics and a belief in generosity and philanthropy.

Forbes, as well as many others, consider Ken Griffin to be a self-made billionaire, which is a testament to his entrepreneurial skills and philosophies. He began his career as a hedge fund manager in his second year at the prestigious Harvard University. He was attending school there for economics, so it is fair to say that Ken Griffin has always been fascinated with the way money is made and its global flow. He learned about investing from his fascination with Forbes, which is funny because Forbes is the same company that now watches Ken Griffin so closely. It only took one Forbes’ article for Ken Griffin, and after that, he just seemed to know what he was going to do with his life. After reading that article in 1984, Ken Griffin began personally investing his own money, and he decided to do some crowd funding from family and friends to set up his first hedge fund while he was still at Harvard. His first hedge fund soon turned into a second hedge fund, and both concentrated on putting the capital that was given to him to invest in an area called convertible bond arbitrage. He was able to turn a quarter of a million dollars from his original venture in raising capital his second year in college into $1 million in investment capital before he graduated in 1989, which was just one year before he founded Citadel.

Today, Citadel works with $25 billion in capital, but in 1990, Ken Griffin founded the alternative investment firm with less than $5 million. Ken Griffin and his team at Citadel was able to increase the initial investment capital by more that 5000 times in 25 years. That figure alone is impressive enough to encourage the richest and most important investors in the world to trust Citadel with investment capital, and they absolutely do trust Citadel.

At 47 years old with a net worth of $7 billion and growing, Ken Griffin will become more famous. Fame will soon match his net worth as long as his methods work. He is very passionate about Reagan style economics, and it wouldn’t surprise anyone to see the name Kenneth Griffin on a ballot box some day.

Anastasia Date Makes Dating in Russia Easier

Dating in Russia is a lot like dating in virtually any other place around the globe, but there are a few things that seem to be unique to this particular area. While some people naturally find it easier to go on a date without any help from a third party, others find it almost impossible and they struggle with the very idea of doing so. To make things even more complicated, some parts of Russia are still experiencing severe economic and geographic hardships, making something relatively simple like dating even more of a challenge. For those who are not affected by these things, they may find themselves scratching their heads and wondering why it is so difficult for other people. However, those who are affected directly notice how hard it is to do something as simple as meet someone new and then plan a day or an evening together. Fortunately, there is help available.

A website called in Anastasia Date is a great place to start for anyone who is thinking about getting out there and dating again. The website is primarily designed to help people in Russia find someone to date and in some cases, it is utilized to pair up people of other nationalities with a date that lives in Russia. Many people find this method to be quite intriguing and they generally like the idea of being able to meet someone from another country. Even when two people who are both living in Russia get together, they can do so through this particular avenue and in many cases, it helps them take a first step into the dating world that they might not have otherwise chosen to make on their own.

Anastasia Date has been around for several years now and as such, it has become a proven method of dating online. Many people rely on it and its customer base continues to grow at a fairly rapid rate. This is largely because those who have used it in the past have made it clear that they were satisfied with the services they received while they were using the website. In fact, the majority of them have made it clear that they would use the website again if the need was there.

Obviously, it is clear that dating can be a struggle for any individual, no matter where they live. After all, it is sometimes difficult to strike out and meet someone new. The thing that makes it such a challenge is that no one really knows how the date will ultimately go, nor do they know if it will lead to anything more serious. As a result, it takes a certain amount of nerve to go on a date in the first place. Anastasia Date is a website that can be used to take some of the tension out of the entire situation, especially during those crucial first steps.

Qnet, India and Success

What happens when production of a variety of unique products teams up with the global world of e-commerce? A thriving company is born. Qnet is that company.

What started in Malaysia is now a global name with manufacturing facilities in over a dozen countries. The company sells over 30 brands to the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Russia. With products ranging from wellness to watches, the company offers great products on a large platform.

That’s not all the company does, though. Qnet employs direct sellers, like employees from India, who have no other way to earn a respectable income. People can run their own e-store, selling the products they choose. The multi-level-marketing means they can earn income from selling online, to friends, recruiting others, and becoming leaders within Qnet.

People with a great product can team up with Qnet for an international platform to sell their products. These products would probably never go to market otherwise. In this way, not only does the product designer benefit, but the company benefits and the community benefits, too.

Qnet has the desire to benefit lives with wellness products. These include a broad range of items such as water filtration systems, bio disc and chi pendants, weight-management and even education.

The education available from Qnet is a product that also will help their direct sellers. Classes like business English, communication skills, marketing and entrepreneurship all help the owners of an e-store to run an efficient and profitable business.

The Swiss e-learning Institute has online classes to help business owners by allowing them to choose when they will take their classes. Time is money, and these classes are designed not to waste time with trivial classes, but to target classes to make business owners successful. When the classes are completed a certificate is issued. Qnet even offers an e-library. For a monthly fee, students have access to resources, videos and other materials to help them run a business smoothly.

All of this will not help if the products are not good, though. Qnet tests their products for quality before they sell them. Products like BioSilver22 Gel, which cleans and sanitizes skin to FiberFit, which provides fiber in a natural, soluble way, are all part of the company’s quest to take care of its customers.

HomePure water-filtration products provide clean, healthy water to consumers- something that is so important in many of these countries. Adiva Divine costume jewelry helps people feel beautiful, providing great looks that compliment any wardrobe. De Moda jewelry targets the younger groups with necklaces and other jewelry that is made to add pizazz to their look.

Qnet is an asset to individuals and communities, marketing to a number of wellness issues.

Fascinating Facts About Eric Pulier You Need to Know

Eric Pulier is a leading entrepreneur, who has ventured mainly in technology. He is a great mentor and manager as he has overseen various ventures that have matured into great companies. He is among the most respected co-founders and has been crowned for offering actionable solutions to problems that affect the industry. Eric Pulier is also a leading author on business matters and his insight has proved invaluable to many young investors who are searching for invaluable information that can guide them to start off in the world of business. He is generous and his actions have revolutionized the world of business technology to a great extent.

Eric Pulier grew up in Teaneck in New Jersey, where he began pursuing his passion for programming while still in fourth grade. He began his first venture when he launched a computer database firm while still in high school, something that placed him ahead of his peers. In 1984, he joined the Harvard University, where he pursued English and American Literature. This allowed him to secure a chance to write for the Harvard Crimson. His life has been characterized with great enthusiasm for literature and energy to invest.

He relocated to Los Angeles, where he founded the People Doing Things, a healthcare related firm that addressed issues using technology. His zeal for investments moved on and he founded Starbright World, a social network for children suffering from chronic diseases, where they can connect through conversations and other content sharing options like blogs. His great skills and creativity was noted by the presidential Inaugural Committee in 1997, which recommended him for a position to create and implement the Presidential Technology Exhibition, which was held in Washington. Through this opportunity, he got a chance to interact with health professionals, where he offered suggestions and ideas that would lead to the development of complex equipment that can help ease operations within the health sector.

Pulier has participated in the planning and foundation of many firms that have brought change in the way humans execute different tasks. He is among creative professionals who have pledged to take the development of new technology to the next level. He has invested most of his time in coming up with new creations that can help to make life easier. Apart from founding and running different ventures, Pulier is also a renowned author and has addressed many issues ranging from the health sector to tech reviews and books about investment.

He has helped many new investors to understand the complex aspects of the market and to maneuver thorough the competitive environment. He has also joined various philanthropic organizations and his great heart and considerate resolve cannot be overlooked when analyzing things he has achieved.

James Dondero, Private Equity Investor

Jim Dondero is the co-founder and president of Highland Capital Management, a private equity firm founded in 1993. He graduated from the University of Virginia with a bachelor’s degree of Accounting and Finance in 1984. He started working for American Express upon graduation and worked there until 1989. Then, he earned the title of Chief Investment officer of GIC, a Protective Life Company subsidiary — not many people become CIO after only four years experience. After working at GIC, Mr. James Dondero decided to branch off and make his own firm, which he did with Highland Capital Management.

Aside from his work at Highland Capital Management, Mr. Dondero is active on the board of chairmen for several companies. Dondero was recently appointed to Chairman of the Board of NexPoint Residential Trust, and the President. NexPoint is a subsidiary of NexBank, which is owned primarily by Mr. Dondero. James Dondero was the best fit at president of the company compared to other applicants because of his experience with NexBank. Mr. James Dondero is also a member of the board of directors for Cornerstone Healthcare, MGM Studios, American Banknote, and CCS Medical.

Highland Capital Management is a private equity firm that focuses primarily on the collateralized loan obligation market. CLOs are basically accounts receivables that have yet to be collected, and are sometimes risky because some people refuse to pay their debts off. Highland Capital Management oversees about twenty one billion US dollars worth of assets, which is one of the largest pools for a company of its type.

Despite being so busy working for Highland Capital and serving as a member of the board of directors for so many companies, Mr. James Dondero finds the time to be active in philanthropy. He has given to dozens of charitable organizations and does so on a regular basis.

Mr. Dondero is also the Director of American Banknote Corporation, and Safety-Kleen, Inc, since 2002 and 2010, respectively. He serves as the Director of MGM Holdings Inc., and as the Director and Member of the Compensation Committee and Member of Executive Committee of NeighborCare, Inc.

Highland Capital Management, alongside Mr. James Dondero, is one of the largest and most reputable alternative credit managers of its type. Many similar companies don’t make it as far as Highland has, with a shelf life of almost twenty five years! More information can be found about Highland Capital Management on their website, If you are interested in visiting one of their offices in person, there are offices in Dallas, New York, Singapore, Seoul, and Sao Paulo.

The Genius of John Textor

I have seen the world of John Textor, and I must say that he has quite the impressive resume. He may be one of the most exciting people in Hollywood because he has a vision that is unlike anything else that is out there. I know of Textor for his famous Michael Jackson illusion, but I recently discovered that he has a long history of Hollywood excellence.

The illusion of Michael Jackson was a very interesting type of illusions. I saw this on the Billboard Awards, and I thought it was simply amazed. I could not believe my eyes. It was the most incredible thing that I have even seen. It is rather easy to see how he could have become of the most prominent digital special effects people of this time. He has had a lot of graphics in movies. John’s digital effects company has actually produced Oscar winning graphics. This sets him apart from the rest.

I have seen some of what he has done in movies through the Digital Domain company, but I have been the most impressed with his strong ties to the illusions on stage. Textor has said that the MJ performance was not actually a hologram but an illusion. This is the same thing that he has said for the Tupac illusion. I didn’t really know the difference, but Textor explains this process. I have read where he stated that there was a projection of an image on a glass. There is a lot of complexity involved in the actual animation process because they were chartering new territory. They were not in a place where they were going to recreate a Jackson image to old music. To the contrary, they were trying to synchronize Jackson to dance moves that he did from old performances for new songs. With the new “Slave to the Rhythm” song John Textor would have to embrace a whole range of movement that would tie into the song. It had to look like an old Michael Jackson performance was actually tied to a new Michael Jackson song.

That is the type of complex movements and illusions that John Textor and his team have taken on, and they’re featured on his YouTube website. There is some buzz about the possibility of a Whitney Houston illusion as well. All of this sparks even more attention to the genius of John Textor. He has created dazzling images to entertain millions.

Let Your Make Up Make You

A woman wants to do whatever she has to to be able to present her best face. Not everybody is blessed with beautiful skin, beautiful features, beautiful coloring, beautiful eyes, or beautiful lips. Many people may not understand how applying makeup can totally and completely change how a woman looks, but in reality anyone can look good as long as their makeup is applied in the right way. When it comes to the face there may be some things that may make a woman’s face look uneven. By applying a nice foundation and contouring and highlighting the face, the areas of the face that may have blemishes or imperfections can come out to look amazing.

Make up does not have so much to do with covering a person’s imperfections then with how a good application can reveal a person’s beauty. Very few people are naturally blessed with perfect skin and beautiful coloring. For the women that do have great skin and great coloring that is wonderful for them, but for the rest of the world it is important to get a good makeup regimen. A woman can wear make up for different events and for different times during the day. If a woman is going to be going out to her job she is going to be applying a lot less make up that she would be applying if she were to go out to the nightclub. The make up that a woman is going to be wearing to go hang out with her friends is very different than the make up that she would be wearing to go on a date.

Not all women know exactly how they should apply make up for their skin coloring and for the size of their face. Since that is the case, it is a good idea to go to a local department store in order to get a consultation. In many department stores they may sell make up or have representatives that can apply make up for an individual in order to help them get their best book. There are also other stores that deal specifically with make up like a Sephora and Mac. These stores can be located throughout different malls around the world

It is also a good idea to find a make up brand that is going to be best suited for you. Doe Deere is a female entrepreneur and she has come out with a make up brand called Lime Crime. Lime Crime is make up made for those individuals that like colors to be big, bright, and beautiful. Doe Deere is a woman that really loves make up and applying it on herself and others. She is a woman that made her dream into her career. Now Lime Crime is a makeup that is sold all around the world and she has millions of followers that love her brand and that love her as an individual. Doe Deere was inspired by other female entrepreneurs to make her dream into her reality.

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