FreedomPop and the Traveling SIM

For anyone who travels a good deal, most people are going to share the same problem of having a phone that doesn’t charge them an arm and a leg while making calls, checking their email or texting friends and family members. Although there are some service plans out there that offer connection to networks in Canada and Mexico. However, for the majority of networks or for more international traveling and not just staying inside of a continent, making a phone call or connecting to a data network can quickly increase the mobile phone bill by hundreds of dollars, if not more. Because of this, it is important to find a service provider who is able to offer a traveling SIM. Freedom Pop is currently working on such a SIM that is not going to charge any sort of roaming fee for individuals traveling within several dozen nations. This way, the customers can save a significant amount of money, all while traveling around the world.

FreedomPop is still working on the traveling SIM card. However, it is pushing in that direction and should have it up and available within the next year. For starters, the company is pushing into the UK out of the United States and offering free services to those interested in it. Beyond this, the company also provides free long distance to over 60 countries with the SIM card. This is the first step in the process, and with the UK being so close to the rest of Europe, it is going to be able to provide the traveling SIM card easily to the rest of Europe.

FreedomPop is currently working with different mobile service providers around the world to allow the traveling SIM card to work on the individual networks. It is not the different countries that charge the extra fees but the individual companies that are in the different countries. By working out agreements, the SIM card can be accepted without the overages being charged to the customer. So, it all just comes down to what companies are willing to work with FreedomPop. As the company grows and has more assets to work with, it shouldn’t be any sort of a problem at all. So, the next time someone decides to go on an international trip (within the next year), they might be able to use the FreedomPop traveling SIM card to be able to save money.

Skout Helped Me To Find Great Bloggers For My Website

I always thought that Skout was only a network for dating, and I was not interested in finding a date. I have a great website that has a good amount of members, but I was always looking for more people to join my site. I knew that if I could get some interesting blogs on my website that I would get a more people visiting the site regularly. My site is completely free of charge, and all my money I make comes from ads that I place on the website. Although I’m making a few hundred dollars per month on the site, I knew I could up that amount a lot if I could get more visitors to the site.

I’m a member of the Skout network, and I only used it for chatting here and there. I don’t know why didn’t think of it before, but I decided to start looking for people on the Skout network who like to blog. I would talk to different people on the Skout network, and I asked people if they would like to blog for free as a guest on my website. I had so many people volunteering to blog on my website, and I decided to accept them. At first I had 10 different people volunteering, and they all agreed to blog for free. I added them to my favorite list, so I could find them again in the future.

After using the Skout network for a month to look for bloggers, I was actually able to find a total of 100 bloggers that were all blogging on my website for free. I never really refer to what they were doing as blogging, but I told them that they were contributing their opinions to my website. Since I had so many different opinions being posted on my website, my membership exploded, and my bank account exploded as well. I continued using the Skout network to recruit more bloggers, and it got to the point where I had a huge favorite list on Skout that was filled with bloggers that I worked with.

Thanks to the Skout network, I’ve been able to increase revenue on my website as well as the content on the website. I use Skout on a daily basis so I can recruit others who are interested in sharing their stories and opinions on my website via blogging. I’ve gotten to the point where I make enough money on my website, and I can pay certain bloggers that are really contributing a lot to the site. I look at Skout a lot differently now because I know it’s not just a network to look for love, but it’s a great place to recruit others to help my website to become popular. I also made some great friends on Skout, so I’ve really gained a lot from this network.

Dynamic Personality Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier has a dynamic personality and his profile is a man of action. He dominates three fields in his career as author, entrepreneur, and humanitarian. Having his formative years growing up in Teaneck, New Jersey, he now plants roots on the west coast in Los Angeles. As a businessman and father of four he leads his life with action, integrity, and compassion. He holds many accolades having graduated with honors from Harvard University.
His entrepreneur spirit launch from element school and as a youth he tinkered with computer programming. By the time he graduated from high school he had already established a company in the computer business. The veracity did not stop there, as already stated he went to an Ivy League college. In college he studied liberal arts choosing English as a major and American literature. His writing interest was apparent from the start as he wrote for the Harvard Crimson and eventually became editor. And if that was not enough he took more schooling at MIT. He also co-wrote a book: Understanding Enterprise SOA. Service oriented architecture is a method that entails the interaction between a not so tightly framed structure and between services that act independently; it outlines the interdependencies between business and technology.
As a budding entrepreneur Eric Pulier created many businesses. His company, People Doing Things was a marvel brainstorm; it dealt with education, health, and technology. Self-motivated and driven by passion he formed Digital Evolution; this company prospered and merged with another. Desktone, Akana, and Media Platform are only some of the other endeavors he has commenced.
With all these accomplishments under his belt, people would guess that’s all; but they would be wrong. Eric Pulier (CrunchBase) is also a successful philanthropist. He is a humanitarian in all sense of the word. He spearheaded the organization Starbright World. This organization helps chronically sick kids. Starbright World is a social network for kids and is private and secure. Here the kids can blog and post comments to other ill children with the same or similar ailments. Eric Pulier supports many charities like X-Prize Foundation and The Painted Turtle. As an individual invest in elevating societies’ wellbeing and children’s welfare he is active in many campaigns. Most notably is The Bridge to the 21st Century, where Mr. Pulier was appointed by the presidential committee. The past Vice President and President have also welcomed Eric Pulier efforts with health care and other advancements in social issues making him a man of veracity.

Financial Markets as Low Risk Investments

The money market has been stabilizing since the last economic meltdown in 2008/2009. However, this stability has been on a rather slow ascend due to several economic factors. Dr. Brian Bonar has seen it all when it comes to financial markets especially with his experience in the field of finance. He has worked in several companies as Chief Financial Officer and chairman as well as Chief Executive Officer.

Finance involves different aspects of investing in the money market. There are various ways through which investors can invest in the money market. In essence, markets depend on the value differentiations of currencies in order to make a profit. The trade just like any other business has its low points and risks. However, as the saying goes, the higher the risk the greater the return.

The main aim in financial markets is to put investors’ money into use and to commit one’s finances into yield-producing financial instruments. There are different points of entries in money markets and they are normally in terms of short-term bonds among other low risk securities. However, venturing in money markets requires prudent deliberations. Before an investor thinks about venturing in the money market, it is advisable that he or she consults a professional in the field.

Financial links between investors and the market includes banks and brokerage agencies. Such links are very important in creating and facilitating an investor’s safe entry into the market. They also provide advisory and planning services. An investor is best advised to gather as much information as he or she can get about financial markets in order to avoid losses.

The money market funds are always maintained at a very stable value per share and the value expansion which aims at increasing shareholders wealth is done through accumulation of interests and dividends. In order to understand the risks involved, one has to be well informed of the risks at hand. For instance, it is common knowledge that money market funds offered through brokerage firms are considered to be riskier compared to the bank-offered funds.

Money markets funds authorities saw the risk that the market was exposed to during the 2008/2009 economic crisis. In response to the effects of the meltdown, funds interest rates, credit, and liquidity risks were reduced. This was a bold move to ensure that the market remained strong and resilient to the effects of an economic meltdown in the future.

In a nutshell, money markets are a safe haven for investors to stock up their money. The basic reason for this is the fact that money markets accounts are less risky compared to stock and bonds. Money markets engage in investments on low risk financial instruments such as certificates of deposits, treasury bills as well as short-term commercial papers.

Joseph Bismark Proves Success in Incorporating Spirituality with Business Leadership

Joseph Bismark brings to our attention one of the most prominent and accomplished leaders of all times. His skills are acknowledged based on the outstanding principle that he’s preserved over the years. During the early years, Bismark always identified as a gifted and skillful leader who offers a sense of liveliness that is embraced by everyone around him.

Bismark has been an icon of many people and associations all over the world. His involvement in numerous philanthropic works to support the poor and the marginalized members of the society is part of my guidelines. One of his beliefs is that the disadvantaged are entitled to opportunities like any other people.

The most distinctive feature of his leadership is devotion to assimilating business leadership structure with the concept of spirituality. He works on a couple of virtues such as honesty that are acceptable and heartened by the society since they were induced in me from a tender age all through my upbringing. As the manager of the QI group, He has always been advocating for healthy living through my support for organic foods. He strongly holds the fact that wellness for his employees is vital for growing the company and it has positively influenced how stakeholders view the company. Beyond the praise and admiration that continue to be bestowed on him, Joseph Bismark always maintains a touch of modesty that has made me distinct from the rest.

The thoughts and opinions of other people make a difference and should be accommodated. This has been a driving force for Bismark’s employees and his leadership. He is capable of attaining a meaningful life in all ways while remaining susceptible to the needs of other people of the society. He proves beyond doubt the ideology of the business world where personal needs are a priority without considering other people.

Joseph Bismark is the co-founder of the QI group and also the Managing Director since December 2008. Along with Vijay Eswaran, they established the QI Group of Companies, a multinational corporation that deals in business fields like retail, education, etc. in 1998. The flourishing company is present in 30 countries with up to 1500 employees.

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Fossils Show Fish Diversity Took Off After Extinction of Dinosaurs

Fish species are some of the most diverse and numerous here on Earth, with so much diversity being present from ocean to ocean, lakes to lake and rivers to rivers. While it has been noted in the past that fish fossils are rare prior to the Cretaceous Period, there were no studies into the reasons why or just how many species existed.

Researchers studying ray-finned fishes began looking at the fossil records, and searching the seabeds for marine sediments found in deep sea core samples. Sergio Cortes implied  what they discovered was that fish fossil remains were present in the core samples, but there was a significant spike after the Cretaceous period when the dinosaurs went extinct. Pre-Cretaceous samples showed a wide diversity of species, with lower counts of fish fossils present. As soon as competing species died off the number of ray finned fish species began to increase until it reached levels that we are familiar with today.

It is believed that this occurred because there was a greater food supply available to the fish and they were able to expand into marine environments where their survival had been limited due to competitors. Interestingly, sharks were able to survive the mass extinction event that occurred on earth, right along with the fist they share their environment with. The increase in fish species in turn supported their survival through the extinction period so that they were able to survive to present day.

Self Driving Cars

Don’t be alarmed if you are driving down the streets of Mountain View in California, and you see a car with no driver! That’s actually what’s supposed to be happening. This is because Google is testing out their self-driving cars. Google has been testing these out for a while, but it’s the first time they’re testing their own models! Google is asking for some help from the public, mainly artists. They want some unique artwork created that they can put on the sides of these vehicles. It’ll really help them to stand out for Google.

According to Reddit, many of these cars will be seen. They’re of course made to operate on their own with no driver, but Andy Wirth points out that all of the controls you’d find in a normal car such as the steering wheel and pedals will be found in these vehicles in case the passenger needs to take over. Google is all about safety. These cars will also have speeds that are capped at 25 MPH just to ensure that things don’t go wrong.

Overall, it’s a cool concept and it seems that more and more of these are being tested out. Who knows if this is the way of the future, or if it’s just a fun little experiment. Time will only be able to tell. Until then, it’s kind of fun to spot a few on the street and see what they’re all about.

The Leading Brand in Coffee

When consumers craving coffee want a nice cup of joe, the new leading brand to turn to is the Bulletproof Coffee brand. Known for the innovation and respected for being of high quality, this new brand has made headlines. Consumers now turn away from the mainstream brands and are trying this new and upgraded version of coffee. This coffee, created by Dave Asprey was made with the intention of introducing a delicious yet healthy morning option. Actresses like Shailene Wood and Maya Rudolph have even testified in public that the Bulletproof Coffee brand is what they drink in the morning to bring some clarity to their morning haze.

What makes Bulletproof Coffee so popular and innovative is the use of grass-fed butter. The butter in the coffee creates a rich and creamy texture that is the perfect substitute for artificial cream. This coffee is not only better but it is also extremely healthy. When the consumer drinks this cup of coffee, all the good fats that help burn calories are washed down.

The coffee brand is even a better and much healthier alternative to Starbucks. When you walk into Starbucks and order a 200 calorie latte with a 700 calorie muffin, you have just ordered a close to 1,000 calorie meal. This 900 calorie breakfast will leave you both hungry and unsatisfied when consumed. Bulletproof Coffee, however is a healthier option because of the healthy fats that are put into the body through the butter. This coffee, at 460 calories, will leave you both satisfied and full until it is time for your next meal ad lunch time.

What makes this the brand to choose are not only the healthy positives but also the fact that so much care and effort is put into growing the beans. suggests that these beans are grown on their own plot in Central America. The beans are grown in such a way that avoids both the fermentation process or the sunlight that will cause harmful chemicals to be added to the beans. The beans, when ready, are harvested by local harvesters who are professionals.

The beans are then transported to the roaster. Dave Asprey is proud to say that the roaster used it the number one roaster in the USA. This, though more expensive is to ensure that all the delicious flavors of coffee are present in that first sip of coffee. The Bulletproof Coffee brand is not only the brand to try because of the flavor but also because of the care that went into creating it.

Gene Discovered that Makes Us Sleep More or Less

Most people need seven to eight hours of sleep each night to function well, but why is it some can get away with much less sleep? Scientist say the difference is due to genetic variability.

Research published in ‘Current Biology’ shows that two genes, originally known for its regulation of cell division, is also responsible for normal sleep patterns.

The researchers studied flies to locate regulatory proteins required for sleep.

“There are many things we do not understand about sleep, especially when it comes to the protein requirements that initiate the process at the cellular level,” says researcher Kyunghee Kohprofesor, the Farber Institute for Neurosciences at Thomas Jefferson University.

“Our research decodes a new molecular pathway and a new area of the brain that plays a role in controlling how long we sleep,” he adds.

When browsing their Facebook page, James Dondero found that these scientists saw a reduction in overall sleep when certain proteins, called the “taranis” were blocked.

Dr. Koh and his team now plan to investigate the signals that activate taranis.

AT&T Pays Up

The telecommunications company AT&T was just given a $100,000,000 fine for duping internet customers out of their high speed internet. On Wednesday, the Federal Communications Commission gave the company the fine for slowing down speeds for Internet Customer who were enrolled in their unlimited data plans. The company is being accused of giving consumers unlimited data but eventually slowing it down after a certain amount of data has been reached. AT&T plans on fighting this fine and it is noted that the had 100 million dollar fine is the largest fine to have ever been given by the FCC. AT&T slowing down internet speed isn’t a new occurrence. In 2011, thousands of AT&T customers complained to the FCC about their internet speed practices. The FCC released statements noting that consumers should be getting exactly what they are paying for. If a company promises unlimited data, unlimited data is what they should get. Not a stifled and slowed down internet speed after a certain amount of usage. Even though AT&T will have to pay the 100 million dollar fine, it is unsure whether or not AT&T customers will receive any of that money. Sam Tabar has learned that the money from the fine will go right into the United States Treasury. The fine could not come at a worse time for the telecommunications company. AT&T is currently in the works of partnering with DIRECTV, America’s largest satellite television provider. Before that can happen, AT&T will begin the lengthy appeals process of the fine.

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