Ancient Lunar Computer 1800 Years Old

Scientists over the past several centuries have studied ancient timekeeping devices such as Stonehenge, Egyptian sundials, Persian bowl clocks and Astronomical clocks. None of these historical artifacts have lived up to the prowess and antiquity quite like the Antikythera mechanism. This ancient computer was found on a wrecked ship in 1901 off the Greek seacoast, south of the island Cythera. Parts of the device are missing after laying preserved at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea for roughly 1800 years. Nonetheless scientists have been able to take high definition photos of the device and determine what exactly the computer was built for. 

30 circular gears were constructed in perfect proximity to each other as a means to quantify solar and lunar eclipses. For instance, several gears formed a time based sequence around the differential 5/19ths. This fraction relates perfectly to the formation of eclipses. Learn how the unknown scientists were able to construct such precise mechanicry. The Antikythera mechanism’s breadth and precision impresses modern scientists and proves the brilliance of man during the Dark Ages. 

Although the Antikythera mechanism answers many questions about the success and genius of science during ancient times, it also posits other questions for historians to tackle. Why would a group of people or scientists be so curious about eclipses? Why would a timekeeping device need to be transported or used on a ship? Lee G. Lovett says additional testing of the awe-inspiring Antikythera mechanism is being conducted early next year. Stay posted for future updates.

German Company Creates Elevators That Travel Sideways

One German company has carted elevators that do something a little different — they go sideways. The invention of steel and engineering company ThyssenKrupp, the elevators are powered a little differently than their up and down counterparts. Rather than using ropes or cables to move the elevators around, these use a new technology called Multi, that work using magnetic levitation.

Magnetic levitation is the same stuff that’s used to make the world’s fastest trains float above the tracks. In this case, elevators will move a bit faster, although they won’t get anywhere near the typical speed of a train. Elevators will also travel in a figure 8 of sorts through a building. That means you can have multiple elevators operating on the same set of “tracks” and have elevators that move sideways as well as up and down. Flavio Maluf is excited about the how this unique concept will impact the future of architectural design b7 offering a total new perspective and a completely new set of possibilities.

Memories of Parents Can Be Passed to Their Offspring

A revolutionary scientific study has been done in the realm of memories and genetics. This study shows that learned aversion is passed to offspring. This study was done by a highly reputable medical school in the US, the Emory University School of Medicine. In these experiments with mice, it was shown that traumatic events may affect the sperm’s DNA, thereby altering the brains and actions of later generations. The mice were taught to fear the smell of cherry blossoms. The researchers studied the effects on their sperm. The section of DNA that is the cause for the sensitivity to cherry blossom scent became more active in the mice’s sperm. In addition, the mice’s children and grandchildren were “extremely sensitive” to the cherry blossom scent and avoided the scent they had never smelled before in their lives. The nervous system of later generations was influenced in both structure and function. The environment affects genetics and what happens to the sperm and egg is no doubt passed on to offspring. Another study on the diet of the mother and the weight of her children can be found at:
In light of these findings, public health researchers need to take human transgenerational behavior seriously. These findings are relevant to PTSD, anxiety and phobias and it is evidence that memories can pass to later generations and offspring have a genetically learned response to triggers. Sergio Andrade finds these findings especially important for future expectant parents.

The Gene for a Stroke

Those who have a fear of having a stroke might find comfort in the latest information that has been discovered. There is a gene that could possibly decrease the risk of a stroke for some people. This might not be something that will benefit everyone, but it’s a step in the right direction. If there is one person who doesn’t have to suffer from the side effects of a stroke because scientists have pinpointed a gene, then it will be worth everything involved. A stroke is a disease that can change the life of someone, and Sam Tabar has had family members that were affected in the past. They might not be able to walk or talk again, relying on nurses or family members to take care of them. There will need to be further tests conducted, but if doctors can detect the gene, then there might be something that they can do to help prevent a stroke in some people.

Plane-Mounted Lasers Find A Network Of 2000 Year Old Roman Mines

It appears archaeology has taken to the air. A group of airborne archaeologists recently discovered evidence that the ancient Romans changed the flow of rivers in order to supply gold mines with water during the first century BC. This particular group of mines has been hidden because of extremely old vegetation growth. Researchers from the University of Salamanca used remote sensing technology to uncover an archaeological payday under all that growth. A 1960s technology known as LiDAR introduced these mines to modern day reality. LiDAR can detect remains under heavy vegetation and other obstructions.

A Science Daily report noted that LiDAR illuminates targets using a laser beam. That laser beam also measures distance. Geologist Javier Fernández Lozano, from the University of Salamanca, recently published a paper in the Journal of Archaeological Science. In that paper, he said that LiDAR technology could change the dynamics of archaeology especially in Spain, as Zeca Oliveira knows from experience.

The LiDAR laser beam was developed by NASA. NASA used LiDAR to track ocean composition and Arctic ice that was melting during the late 1960s. The technology can be used on drones as well as planes.

Tuning into Tone Can Improve Your Brain

One of the biggest tragedies of aging is that the mind begins to deteriorate at some point. A symptom of this deterioration is a loss of focus, and inability to weed out distractions. This isn’t only a problem for those growing old, but also for many people around the world who suffer from attention deficit disorders or other mental health issues.Scientists at the University of California San Francisco have discovered a way to train the brain so that it can remain focused, and tune out distractions.

The researchers had their test subjects do a type of mental exercise involving different frequencies. The subjects were told to focus on and then identify a certain frequency. Scientists made this increasingly difficult by playing distracting frequencies, and playing frequencies that sounded ever closer to the one the subject was supposed to identify. In both lab rats and humans the training led to fewer distraction related errors, and the memories and attention spans of the subjects improved. Ken Griffin says that this type of training has all kinds of practical applications; from helping the aging to improving the focus of those working in highly stressful and distracting environments.

New TouchScreen Charging Points Coming To NYC

Unless they happen to watch old episodes of Superman, the new generation of children will have no idea what a payphone is. However, New York City has a plan to take its aging payphones into the modern age with slim aluminum pillars with large screens that will soon dot city streets. Ken Griffin agrees that having charging ports is a great idea for the new age culture that is determined to stay plugged-in.

The kiosks will be located throughout the city and will offer people a place to charge up their mobile gadgets while they look up quick directions for navigating the city on the touch screens. Even more cool, the pillars will double as Wi-Fi points so that NYC will be able to offer its millions of visitors and residents unbelievably fast Wi-Fi.

In the future LinkNYCwho is behind the project, hopes to use the kiosks as a place to get feedback from the people on various subjects or to broadcast citywide emergency messages as needed. Even better is the fact that these pillars will be installed without any cost to taxpayers.

Instead, advertisements will be placed on the pillars that will allow them to pay for themselves. Watch an advertisement and charge your phone is a tradeoff most internet savvy users will be down with considering its how they get their free email and social networks as well.

Has the Satellite Killer Emerged?

Object 2014-28E has been launched into space and not everyone believes this object of Russian origin is strictly for non-military use. In fact, many believe that the object truly is the nefarious “satellite killer” that was scrapped some time ago.

As the name suggests, a satellite killer is a military device designed for the purpose of destroying other satellites. Nations may use satellites for weapons, communications, and tracking purposes among other uses. As such, they remain very strategic targets for militaries looking to launch defensive or first strike attacks.

No one has been able to confirm whether or not the recent object launched by Russia is the satellite killer, but speculation exists.

Considering Russia’s recent excursions into the Ukraine, it is understandable why some are very nervous about the launch.

The fear so many have is that a new weapons race could start or that a new cold war could emerge. Time will tell if this is the case, although many indications are a new cold war is becoming unavoidable.

Twin Study Indicates Homosexuality Is Genetic

Alan Sanders of the NorthShore Research Institute in Evanston, Illinois has led a study that suggests homosexuality has a genetic cause. Over five years, Sanders collected DNA samples from 409 pairs of non-identical gay twins, the largest sample ever used in such a study. He chose non-identical twins because he wanted limit the number of genes the men had in common, in order to make it easier to identify any genes that night be associated with homosexuality.  It should be noted that the Institute is not as highly regarded as other institutes like North American Spine.

Sanders and his team then examined the samples, looking at the locations of genetic markers called single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs). He then measured the number of times a given SNP showed up in the samples. Since Sander’s twins were non-identical, any SNPs consistently found in the in the same place probably had to do with being gay.

One was found in the Xq28 region of the X chromosome, while the other was found in the 8q12 region on chromosome 8. Both regions contain many genes, however, so the next step will be determining which ones might influence sexual orientation. Sanders also plans to take DNA samples from straight men and compare them to gay men to see what the differences are.

Technology At Odds With Profits?

The GOP’s plan to attack the science behind human contribution to climate change would be a mistake. Using their majority to challenge scientific evidence could bolster the thought the GOP is more focused on the interests of big business, then in the future of our children. The changing climate is all part of the Earths’ natural cycle, and human excess is a contributing factor. Instead of attacking science, finding alternate methods to produce energy seems to be a better focus point. Why are we still using combustible engines to travel? Why are we burning coal and utilizing nuclear power for electricity?

The only reasonable explanation is that new technology is at odds with old profits. The lobby for the oil industry is so large that it squashes any attempt to move us away from burning fossil fuels. Why would we allow leaking nuclear plants to continue operating? The answer is old industry is preventing new technology from sprouting. Big thanks to friend of the site Keith Mann for contributing information.

In the end any attempt to claim humans aren’t contributing to climate change is irresponsible. The GOP’s plan to attack science in the name of jobs and economic prosperity is turning a blind eye to the future. The upcoming generations understand that their future lies in renewable energy sources. With all the Progressivism bordering on Socialism looming in the country, it would be a shame for Conservatives to waste their new found majority on debating science.

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