Peter Briger A Force To Reckon In The Corporate World

Peter Briger was just any other ordinary name until one of Fortress’s investment group top dogs came in and gave it meaning. Also known as Pete, Briger is a man who needs no introduction in the corporate world because his track record already speaks volumes of him and his prowess. As the current co-chief executive and principal of the renowned asset management firm, Mr. Briger is responsible for a long string of roles under real estate and credit funds.

Peter has a team of over 300 professionals under his wing and he has proven time and time again that he has what it takes to steer his team and Fortress as whole to unparalleled heights. For instance, ever since he joined the company, he has helped expand its portfolio by a good $15 billion and under his belt, the company has accumulated millions of profits from his dexterity in investing in distressed assets.

His innovativeness has not gone unnoticed as he was even listed position 317 on Forbes list of top 400 business professionals and is a common figure in corporate publications.

Nevertheless, a look at Peter’s journey is sufficient proof that he is not on the list of people who gain their success by stealing someone’s thunder or as a result of rich parents but is on the list of people who reach the apex of success by smarting his way up. Below is the untold story of Peter Briger’s journey to success.

Peter Briger’s journey to becoming one of the best of Fortress’s

Before the world he is now, Peter attended Princeton University and graduated with a BA. His pursuit for knowledge and proficiency did not end here instead he furthered his education by attending Wharton School of Business in the University of Pennsylvania where he received his Master’s Degree in business administration. His kick-started his career at Goldman Sachs and for the next fifteen years, Peter Briger faithfully served various roles in this company.

However, what stood out the most while he was here is his expertise in investing in distressed debts and unwanted assets. Peter and his colleagues would purchase properties which no one wanted and would turn them into profitable investments and sell them away at six-figure prices. Besides Goldman, Peter also served as a leader and also as a board member of various high profile committees such as Asian real estate private equity, Asian distressed debt business, Asian management committee, Global control and compliance committee and many others.

Entry to Fortress Investment Group

Even though Peter was taking home massive returns and was already serving senior positions at Goldman Sach’s he is not one to rejoice at small wins. That is why when he got the opportunity to make a transition to Fortress Investment group in 2002, he readily embraced it and looking at his success now, it is clear that he made a good decision.

Peter’s world outside business

Besides his heavy involvement in Fortress and anything business related, Peter Briger has a soft spot and his deep involvement in philanthropic activities is sufficient proof of that. For instance, he sits on the board of Silicon Valley a foundation committed to alleviating the impact of poverty across the world. He is also on the front line of helping budding entrepreneurs from Princeton University achieve self-sufficiency by providing the financial backing that they require to remain afloat in the long run.

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