Product Recognition is the New Form of Online Searching

Trying to find someone online doesn’t need to be difficult. It doesn’t need to be but often times it is. That is why the form of online searching is continually changing and evolving over time. So, looking at how online Internet searches has changed and evolved is necessary in order to see exactly the direction it is going and why product recognition is the future of image based online searches.


When search engines first started, it was all about the keywords. A user would type in keywords and results with the most matching keywords would appear in the search field. However, this led to individuals and companies stuffing their websites with keywords. Often times, website admins would copy and past a series of keywords at the bottom of the page hundreds of times just to artificially boost the count. Due to this, search engines started to change and alter the way it provided search results. Now, search engines like Google consider over 200 different variables when ranking websites. All of this is important to understand when monitoring the evolution of this service.

Image and Visual Searches

It is now possible to search for images and videos through a visual search engine. However, these fields still rely on keywords and proper tagging. A website owner tags the images and videos in order to connect with an online search. It works in a similar manor to website searches only this time it is more based on keywords. There are fewer variables at play when performing these kinds of searches.

Product Recognition

Product recognition is the next step in online search engines. With this feature, it is possible to not provide any sort of keyword at all but to simply use an image and upload it to the search engine. The search engine can then compare it in dozens of ways to the information it has stored in its databanks in the same way as a regular search with keywords. By cross referencing everything found in the image, it is possible to bring up not only matching images, but similar images, which makes it possible to track down items that might look similar to a sold item or less expensive.

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