Pulse Evolution Looks To A National Stock Offering To Complete The Plans Of John Textor

Pulse Evolution have been monitored by investors and entertainment industry insiders for a number of years, largely because of the initial performances by the holograms produced by the company from 2012 onwards. Executive Chairman John Textor has recently been developing a strategy to take Pulse Evolution onto a national stock exchange, which will be completed in the near future after the publishing of the second quarter financial results of Pulse Evolution and paperwork to begin the up listing process.

John Textor is looking to repeat the levels of success he found as the Chairperson of the Digital Domain group, which he turned into a major visual effects producer for blockbuster Hollywood movies. Textor found Digital Domain to be largely without direction as the company had been searching for an identity throughout its history. Textor’s overview of the company identified the visual effects department as a major success for Digital Domain and was pushed forward under the leadership of John Textor.

Textor quickly turned the visual effects department of Digital Domain into its own company, seperate from the major production side of the studio. This decision proved to be a success for John Textor, who allowed the experts of the visual effects department to develop new techniques and equipment that pushed the newly created company into the forefront of the Hollywood visual effects industry.

John Textor has been a major developer of the latest technology that has been a big part of the latest Hollywood blockbusters. The switch in focus to live entertainment options has seen Pulse Evolution become the focus of the estates of smoe of the best known figures in live entertainment of the 20th century. These estates largely appeared after the performance of the Michael Jackson hologram at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards, which proved the hologram techniques being developed by Pulse Evolution could produce a show worthy of a major entertainment venue. Pulse Evolution and John Textor have done much to develop a close working relationship with these estates, including developing profit sharing agreements that have only added to the potential value of the company. The direction being taken by Pulse Evolution is being proven to be correct in the second quarter financial results that have already been published as a forerunner to the planned stock offering.

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