Puppy Playtime Is Not Just For Fun

Fetch. Running. Catch. Tug of War. Exercise and play is important for a healthy, happy pup. From games such as tug of war and catch to the more intricate games of agility and obedience, all play a role in training and keeping their heart and mind healthy. Experts say playing for dogs is an excellent way to relieve stress, get a mental break and of course the best way to keep them physically healthy. A healthy, well exercised dog is much less likely to have destructive habits such as chewing furniture, clawing windows and doors and marking.

For your average dog, a game of catch and a few laps around the block or a walk in the park are the perfect amount of exercise needed daily, some dogs require more or less due to breed, age, and health conditions. Never push your dog past what they can do, physically. Dogs with higher energy levels should exercise more than average, and for especially smart dogs games that encourage thinking and search skills are recommended. Agility training and obedience training are good examples of how to exercise your high energy pup, as well build a stronger bond. There are many trainers and companies that can assist you in the how-to’s and the equipment needed, but you can also train your pup yourself from home with a little research and some patience.

Rainy day playtime can be challenging, but there are some surprisingly simple solutions involving household items to build an obstacle course, or hoop jumping, or a game of hide and seek. A chair can be used to hop on, crawl under or stand on. A simple course can be constructed of hula hoop for your pup to jump through, a box with both ends open provide a tunnel to crawl through, a basket with toys that they can pick up and return into the basket for a treat. Use your imagination and your pups abilities and tricks she enjoys to create a fun course, encourage her to go faster, be more precise and praise her lots for her accomplishments. These activities are fun, and will keep both you and your furry friend busy for hours. A commercial for Beneful dog food has created a working Goldberg machine, using many examples of tricks, course ideas and items you can use, as well as a ton of amazing dogs doing what they do best.

Exercise and proper nutrition will keep your pup healthy and happy well into his senior years. A simple 15-minute workout, jog around the block or tossing the ball a few times and a well balanced diet of real meat and vitamins such Beneful Playful Life food will ensure years of love and companionship for you both. Pets and owners who play together stay together.

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