QNet Expands its Global Reach with Soccer Partnership

When Vijay Eswaran founded the QNet group in 1998 he had spent many months and years seeking out the education and work experience he felt would make his business options as full and rewarding as possible. The QNet group has now seen its profile across Asia bring a major marketing partner on board with the three year linkup with English soccer champions Manchester City FC, which will see QNet become the sole direct selling business partner of the club. The link between the two clubs will extend far beyond the simple reach of a business partnership and will instead see the two businesses partner in a series of community based options across the Middle East and Africa.

The global reach of the English Premier League has recently seen many clubs look to extend their reach into developing areas of the planet, but QNet and Manchester City are now looking to develop into new areas hand in hand. Officials from Manchester City revealed the club are hoping to extend into various areas of Africa and the Middle East, which is also one of the major areas highlighted by QNet as a major area of growth in the coming years. QNet has already developed a major following across many areas of Asia, including its home in Malaysia and a fast growing group of multi level marketing professionals in India.

Other areas are also being seen as important in the link between the two organizations. QNet founder Vijay Eswaran believes the community based links that exist between Manchester City and the local community are similar to those that exist between QNet and the people of Malaysia. QNet’s RHYTHM Foundation for underprivileged children will benefit from the link with Manchester City as a detailed sports program of soccer coaching and skills training will take place throughout the areas the charitable organization has been established.

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