Qnet, India and Success

What happens when production of a variety of unique products teams up with the global world of e-commerce? A thriving company is born. Qnet is that company.

What started in Malaysia is now a global name with manufacturing facilities in over a dozen countries. The company sells over 30 brands to the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Russia. With products ranging from wellness to watches, the company offers great products on a large platform.

That’s not all the company does, though. Qnet employs direct sellers, like employees from India, who have no other way to earn a respectable income. People can run their own e-store, selling the products they choose. The multi-level-marketing means they can earn income from selling online, to friends, recruiting others, and becoming leaders within Qnet.

People with a great product can team up with Qnet for an international platform to sell their products. These products would probably never go to market otherwise. In this way, not only does the product designer benefit, but the company benefits and the community benefits, too.

Qnet has the desire to benefit lives with wellness products. These include a broad range of items such as water filtration systems, bio disc and chi pendants, weight-management and even education.

The education available from Qnet is a product that also will help their direct sellers. Classes like business English, communication skills, marketing and entrepreneurship all help the owners of an e-store to run an efficient and profitable business.

The Swiss e-learning Institute has online classes to help business owners by allowing them to choose when they will take their classes. Time is money, and these classes are designed not to waste time with trivial classes, but to target classes to make business owners successful. When the classes are completed a certificate is issued. Qnet even offers an e-library. For a monthly fee, students have access to resources, videos and other materials to help them run a business smoothly.

All of this will not help if the products are not good, though. Qnet tests their products for quality before they sell them. Products like BioSilver22 Gel, which cleans and sanitizes skin to FiberFit, which provides fiber in a natural, soluble way, are all part of the company’s quest to take care of its customers.

HomePure water-filtration products provide clean, healthy water to consumers- something that is so important in many of these countries. Adiva Divine costume jewelry helps people feel beautiful, providing great looks that compliment any wardrobe. De Moda jewelry targets the younger groups with necklaces and other jewelry that is made to add pizazz to their look.

Qnet is an asset to individuals and communities, marketing to a number of wellness issues.

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