QNET Partners With Sharp To Purify Air

Sharp is a leader in technology hailing from Japan. On May 27th, they entered into a strategic partnership with QNET, who is based in China, and has been a leader in the Asian direct-selling industry for 18 yeas. QNET focuses on products good for society and the environment, emphasizing health and wellness above all else.

The President of Consumer Business at SBS, Sharp Business Systems, has pointed out that QNET’s focus on wellness and health related products, coupled with their industry-lead in the direct-selling sphere, were the two factors which, combined, made QNET a superior candidate for Sharp’s new Plasma Cluster Air Purifier. On the QNET side, a spokesperson in India lauded the new strategic partnership, pointing out that it would provide niche-fulfilling products whose effect ran in parallel to QNET’s integral philosophy.

I have to admit it is an interesting merger. QNET is a large network of direct-selling efforts stratified across a variety of markets from India to Japan, and effectively catering to a massive portion of the world’s population. Though based in Hong Kong, operations of QNET have spanned the Philippines, Indonesia, the UAE (United Arab Emerates), Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, Egypt, Rwanda, and Côte d’Ivoire. QNET also has franchised options in Turkey, India, Egypt, Iran, Sri lanka, and Nepal.

One way QNET advances such revolutionary solutions is through a multi-level marketing platform designed to continuously engage constituent consumers on a variety of fronts. Sometimes an air-purification system is perfect for a single home; and sometimes it’s perfect for an office campus. Now the campus is going to require more purification units than the home will, and so different sales strategies apply. Also, the campus may have a larger impact on the environment as a whole. With a variety of employees, a variety of diverse individuals will ultimately come into contact with products they would have no occasion to learn about any other way. But as QNET has done this, they’ve managed to expand through multiple countries, and are continuously widening their reach as time goes by.

It’s good to see an organization whose focus centers around options of the sustainable, life-bettering variety. QNETs recent partnership with SHARP portends innovative progressiveness. With an already extensive line of products designed to keep people healthy, and in an affordable, realistic state of wellness, this direct-selling organization sees itself as a positive influence on the world, and world affairs.

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