Raj Fernando – Protecting Interests Of American Financial Institutions

Raj Fernando is one of the leading entrepreneurs in the United States who holds deep insight into the dynamics of U.S. financial industry and risks associated with financial trading. Perhaps, his intuitive leadership style also led him to devise various security policies for the Federal Government.

Unlike most well-known financial experts, Raj started his career as a volunteer at Chicago Mercantile Exchange, the largest commodity exchange in the world. His ability to learn the secrets behind financial trading enabled Raj to start his own company, Chopper Trading. Initially, Chopper Trading focused exclusively on financial trading. Later, the company transformed into security enterprise offering solutions to protect financial institutions of the United States. At its peak, the company proved a vital link between financial trading and American interests.

For instance, Raj Fernando was also invited to contribute to the work of US Commodity Trading Futures Commission. He was noted for his work in offering a safe environment for commodity traders by creating a transparent and competitive market. Actually, he was also a key speaker on the Commission’s panel for disruptive trading practices. As such, it is also notable that Raj had realized early in his trading career that financial institutions are as much concerned with generating revenue as securing financial transactions. In fact, the need for a sound financial system that can prevent illegal practices was in greater demand after the events of 2007 financial catastrophe, which included some of the largest US financial firms.

In 2015, Raj sold Chopper Trading to DRW Trading Group. Instead, he is currently focusing on activities at Scoutahead. His newest venture is innovative in the sense that it allows both employees and future employer to get a deeper knowledge of each other before committing themselves into a relation. As a result of the advanced communication system, the company also claims to improve productivity for firms and increase professional growth for individuals. Raj Fernando is also active in numerous philanthropic and political activities. He is among the board of trustees for such organizations as PAWS Chicago, an animal shelter. Besides, he is an active campaigner for the Republican Party.

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