Realistic Robot from Toshiba

Toshiba has created the most realistic robot that can sing and imitate human emotions like happiness, anger, and it can cry and sing as well. The launching event was held in Los Angeles, hosted by ChihiraAico, the robot herself.

The female looking robot dressed in a conservative style sang accompanied by a human playing the piano. It held the rhythm with the hand. At the moment,, the movements have to be directed from a computer, but in about 10 years the robot is expected to be fully independent and the technology will allow to keep them as nurses, receptionists, and care workers for the elderly. 

Igor Cornelsen who attended the event said that the robot was spooky. Its fingers are not fully elaborated. The scientist had focused a lot on creating smooth movements and flexible joints, as well as a face that can be confounded with that of a real human. 

There is a predecessor to ChihiraAico. Hatsune Miku is also an entertainer-robot that can sing very accurately often exceeding the voice possibilities of the Japanese singers. Another robot is a newsreader. Useful for when the journalists want to have a rest after a day of piling up information for the TV.

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