RealReal: Perfecting the Pop-up Shop Experience in Digital First Brands

Amazing things are on the horizon for RealReal and digital-first brands. Starting to incorporate the pop-up shop concept as an introduction to its digital online presence while driving up sales in both markets. This is an untapped concept for digital-first brands. For RealReal, offering authenticated high-end designer goodies at deep discounts off retail prices this concept is a bulls-eye. It’s not only the excited fast-paced atmosphere of the pop-up shop, the cafe at one location or the flower shop at another that’s at work here drawing the consumers to RealReal pop-up shops. It’s the reputation of authentication and the expertise of its staff. Touting heavily vetted staff with backgrounds at Sotheby’s and Gucci. It’s this kind of internal clockwork going on behind RealReal that builds a name among its buyers and sellers and sets them apart from other online resellers.

Some RealReal pop-up shops around the New York City area treated its VIP customers to an array of events and workshops to be better-informed buyers. Drawing from an overflowing bank of fashion-conscious consumers hungry for luxury at a more manageable price point and familiarizing them in pop-up shop 101. This idea comes with the added bonus of making a connection to RealReal long after the pop-up shop is gone. They’ve seen an increase in buyers from some cities where pop-up shops were held. Consignors are also benefiting from the pop-up shop explosions by getting quotes on items from highly knowledgeable staff and the option to drop these items off to be sold online. After all, the sellers are an integral part of this unique blueprint. RealReal will even have sales associates in the field doing closet clean out requests making it even easier for the consignor.

RealReal has had phenomenal success but they are not resting on their laurels. Very much on the contrary, they are feeling a sense of urgency and the constant need to separate themselves from the pack through innovative ideas. Nearly half of its gross merchandise value is expected to come from mobile sales, which in itself is not new but the way RealReal does it is revolutionary. The difference is in their authentication process where RealReal actually takes possession of the luxury item during the consignment period ensuring not only its authenticity but its quality as well. This builds trust with the consumer and a reputation as a fair and transparent business.

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